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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-08-2019 / 07:33 GMT

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Exploring Nurn

The Messenger

The Messenger

As you approach this mission’s starting point in the Durthang Wastes, you’ll be notified that this mission will take you to a new area. You can return to Udun at any time, though, so we might as well proceed. Both Nurn and Udun have different armies, populated with its own set of Captains and Warchiefs, for your smiting pleasure.

Travel with Lithariel to the verdant lands of Nurn (left) and meet with her mother, Marwen (right) who is a seer of sorts.

When you start the mission, Lithariel will chat with Talion for a bit and you both will… well, just walk to Nurn. You’ll notice it’s somewhat more green than Udun was as the game gives you a nice shot of the landscape. Lithariel will take you to meet Marwen, who knows who-and what-you are. Before she zonks off, she’ll tell you to take some "Elven craftwork" from the Ghuls, and find "the Dwarf".

Follow the trail (left) until you reach Morgoth's Scar (right).

Once you’re back in control of Talion, head west. Enroute to our destination you’ll come across the Harad Basin Forge Tower, which you might as well claim, even if we’ll be finishing this mission before we start exploring. Once reforged, continue west, under a bridge, and through a ravine between two elevated areas to locate the wagon we’re looking for. Talion finds common cause with some Ghuls before locating their tracks, which appear all blue and glowing in Wraith Vision. Follow the tracks up some slopes to the north-east, then east through some ruins, down some more slopes and across some ropes. Climb to the north and make your way to a small Uruk camp, deal with whatever Uruks dare stand in your way, then drop down some more ledges and cross a bridge to the east. Climb yet another slope and make your way into a cave-Morgoth’s Scar.

Keep to high ground wherever possible and follow the trail through the cave, avoiding the Ghuls. You should only need to kill one Ghul near the end of your path (left). Grab Celebrimbor's hammer to witness another vision (right).

Your objective now is to get through the cave by following the trail without alerting any Ghuls. Just follow the trail and follow Talion’s advice about sticking to high ground wherever possible. This might be somewhat challenging if the trail you have to follow didn’t take you along the path of least resistance. You only need to kill one Ghul, which is on a ledge across from you (you can cross to this far ledge by walking along some ropes) near an objective marker. Just kill it with your bow and move on. Shortly thereafter you’ll reach a treasure room which contains the physical hammer Celebrimbor weilded in his visions.

Talion will awaken just in time to fight a Ghul Matron (left). Ranged attacks and combat finishers will serve you well (right).

Grab it and witness another vision. When it ends you’ll find out that Talion’s incessent wailing has attracted the attention of a Ghul Matron, which you may or may not have already encountered, depending on how diligent you’ve been in completing the Legendary Weapons side missions. We’ll just assume you haven’t at the cost of redundancy. You can shoot Ghul Matrons with arrows well enough, but they’ll counter all melee attacks with an unblockable attack that must be dodged. They can be vaulted over, but they aren’t really susceptible to Flurries. Use ranged attacks, or get an attack-and-dodge rhythm going until your Hit Streak is charged, then hit the Ghul Matron with an Execution. Repeat until she’s at half her life, at which point a horde of lesser Ghuls will show up to "help" her. Unfortunately for her, you can use these Ghuls to charge your Hit Streak faster, without having to play the old hit-and-dodge with her.

To complete the bonus objective, wait for the Ghul pursuing you to gather near a camp fire (left) then detonate it (right).

When she dies, the objective will update. Now that the horde has been aroused, you have two minutes to escape the cave before… well, presumably a horde of Ghuls makes a snack out of you. The bonus objective is to kill 30 Ghuls with explosions while you leave, which requires the "Detonate" ability. Not too hard, just run past campfires, turn around, and when the mob of Ghuls chasing you is near the campfire, just shoot it. One or two campfires should be all it takes.

Explosive barrels help deter the Ghuls chasing you (left) and the mysterious source of the assistance just so happens to be a Dwarf named Torvin (right).

When you get near the entrance, your escape will be assisted by a mysterious Dwarf who introduces himself as Torvin the beast hunter. He’s also a treasure hunter who came seeking the prize we just claimed, but, as Talion will point out, finders keepers. Torvin doesn’t seem too upset, however, and angles for Talion to become his hunting buddy. Talion turns him down, until Torvin reveals that the chisel that goes with the hammer we just obtained can be found if we help him hunt. With this info revealed, Talion has little choice but to agree.

Reward Bonus Objective
600 XP 150 Mirian

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