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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
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Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 12:31 GMT

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Questing Udun

An Interested Party

An Interested Party

Follow the glowing blue trail the creature left (left) at the end of which we'll find a relic. The effects of Talion's interaction with this relic is... bright (right).

"You have attracted the attention of a mysterious creature. Track him down, and discover what he knows of you."

Find this mission marker in The Black Gate, not too far away from where the misison marker for "The Slaver" was. Talion and the wraith will discuss the nature of the creature that was spying on them before deciding to hunt for it. Fortunately, through a combination of Talion’s tracking skills and the wraith’s supernatural perception, hunting down such a critter is just a matter of following a glowing blue trail of footprints (visible with Wraith Vision). To keep things interesting, though, there’s a bonus objective of free four slaves along the way.

Follow the trail a short distance to the north-east to find some Uruks pestering an Outcast near some tents. Kill the Uruks and the slave will run off. Further to the north-east, our interested creature apparently got tired of running along the ground, and decided to get more vertical. Climb onto a wooden platform, then back down to the ground, to the south through some bushes, them scale a watch tower and kill an archer. In the building below you are plenty of slaves to free, just jump down and dispose of the Uruks to complete your bonuse objective, then head south near The Black Road Forge Tower to reach the trail.

Talion will note that the track seem to purposefully lead us past danger, but if you stay in stealth there’s no reason you can’t just feed the odd Uruk patrols you wander past to your dagger. You’ll spot the creature near a Caragor cave. Unfortunately, it spots you, too, and runs inside. Follow it, then active your Wraith Vision again to see a myriad of footprints. Climb a ledge to the north to find a rune the tracks lead to a lost heirloom that once held some signifigance to the wraith. Pick it up (R1) to get a flashback revealing the apparent demise of the wraith’s family, which the wraith suggest might be what held bind Talion and the wraith together. The creature makes another appearance, Talion loses his cool, and a Caragor shows up to distract us. The Caragor-killing tutorial is simple-shoot the Caragor in the face with an arrow, or outside this mission, several arrows, to kill it.


Take aim at the Caragor's head. Two shots should suffice to take it down (left). Caragors will now roam Udun. Don't take them lightly, as Caragors can be quite vicious (right).

Chase the creature out of the cave to discover that some Uruks-led by Hunters-have arrived, probably seeking Caragor prey. Hunters are javelin-throwing Uruks who will make nuisances of themselves from now on, pelting you with missiles while you engage their more melee-inclined fellows. Engage the group of Uruks in melee, despite this, as a Caragor will show up, and it’ll more more difficult to dispatch if we use all our Focus on Uruks. The Caragor will likely help us out by chewing up the Hunters, and the Uruks will likewise weaken it. Once the beasts are dead, Talion will continue to prove to be unfriendly to the creature. Surprisingly, though it can see the Wraith, whom it refers to as the "Bright Master". It’ll promise to lead the Wraith to its treasure, relics from that past that might reveal more of the Wraith’s identity. Talion is rightfully suspicious of the creature, but it appears we have no choice but to cooperate.

From this point on you can expect to find Caragors in the wild, and Hunters mixed with the other varieties of Uruks.

Reward Bonus Objective
600 XP 50 Mirian

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