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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:30 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 12:10 GMT

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Exploring Nurn

Cape of Nurn Forge Tower

Cape of Nurn

Herbs Ithildin
Alfirin Ah an noded rammas

Head north through Celon Poros to reach the Cape of Nurn, where you’ll find the Cape of Nurn Forge Tower along the southern end of the area, amidst some ruins. You’ll find that this area is rather tame-only one Ithildin. Better get to it, then. Head north along a road that runs north-south through this area, which can be found west of the Forge Tower. Follow it until it passes through some ruins on higher ground, then veer off and explore the ruins to the west of the road to find the "Ah an noded rammas" Ithildin, which is on the wall of a stone tower along the northern edge of the ruins. In particular, it’s on the north-facing wall, just over a rectangular doorway, through which is a Morgai Fly Nest.

Nurnen Peninsula

Herbs Artifacts Ithildin
Naugrimbas Weathered Azurite Figurine Nin gostatha gwaith
Carandol Ornate Cameo An adleithad
Athelas Orcish Dagger

The Weathered Azurite Figurine (left) and the Orcish Dagger (right) are two of the Artifacts you can find in the Nurnen Peninsula.

Follow the western cliffs north to find a cave, which is filled with stores and sparely populated with patrolling Uruks. Head north-west into the second chamber, then turn west and climb a ledge to find the Weathered Azurite Figurine, The Two Istari Artifact. The Artifact names just keep getting longer, don’t they? If you continue through the caves to the north you’ll reach the exterior part of Nurnen Peninsula, which is a busy Uruk Stronghold. If you leave the cave and continue north you’ll get to the same place. Either way, that’s your next destination.

There is one Ithildin and one Artifact left in this area, a host of Uruks, and one Legendary Weapon mission for each weapon. To make the latter easier, scour this area for Uruk Captains and dispose of them, so they don’t surprise you during any side missions. Once done consider tackling the side missions-there’s the Sword Mission "The Red Tide" , which… heh… is unintentionally funny. Err… anyways, two more Legendary Weapon missions can be found to the south, the Dagger Mission "Shadow and Steel" and the Bow Mission "Jaws of Steel" . None of these missions are terribly difficult, and they’ll collectively earn you a good bit of Mirian for completing them.

Once those are completed, search for the Ithildin located in the south-eastern corner of the area. Along the southern end of the area the Uruks have built a wall to protect their seaside fort. Along the eastern cliffs there’s a convenient hole in the wooden wall, north of which are some stone walls to the west, on which you’ll find the "An adleithad" Ithildin. Next, head to the north-western part of the area, where an Artifact lurks. It’s on the ground north of a watch tower, on a small island just north of the Nurnen Peninsula. To reach it, you’ll want to walk along an elevated wooden beam, or cross some ropes. Once you’re there, use Wraith Vision to spot and claim the Orcish Dagger Artifact.

Nurnen Fishery

Pipeweed Pouch
Frowning Skull

It should be no surprise that monsters lurk in the waters off Mordor (left). Pick up the Frowning Skull (right) a rather macabre Artifact.

Now continue north-west to reach the Nurnen Fishery area, which, like Nurnen Peninsula, is a Stronghold, crawling with Uruks… wooden docks, multi-leveled wooden platforms, and fisheries make up the interesting features here. As for loot and side quests, it’s far less interesting than Nurnen Peninsula-there’s only a pair of Artifacts to collect here. The Pipeweed Pouch Artifact is located in the shadow of the tallest part of the area-a crumbling, chained, yet somehow still operational chimney that crowns a large wooden complex. The Artifact is just north-west of the chimney, on a hide-covered wooden floor. The second Artifact is north-east of this, simply jump off the ledge to reach the platform below. From a table with a dead shark on it head east and drop off another ledge to find the Frowning Skull Artifact lurking near some support pylons.

Watchers Landing

Herbs Ithildin
Elgaran nor eduath

Fast travel back to the Cape of Nurn Forge Tower, and from there head south-east to reach Watcher’s Landing. This area isn’t terribly exciting either. You can usually find some ranking Uruks lurking around near the ruins, or along the docks, but other than that, and a paltry selection of herbs, there’s not much to recommend this area. The sole item of interest lies within a stone tower at the northern end of the eastern-most dock, where you’ll find the "nor eduath" Ithildin. In particular, it can be found on the interior northern wall, over an arch.

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