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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Nathan Garvin
First Published: 25-03-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 07-07-2020 / 15:46 GMT

Durthang Outskirts

Herbs Artifacts Ithildin
Pipeweed Grog Bowl puigadol dagor
Niphredil Tridaeol chith efuin

The Durthang Outskirts are densely populated with Uruks, but fortunately, you can used the ruined heights to move around unmolested (left). Treasures such as the Grog Bowl Artifact can be found on lower ground (right).

Fast travel back to the Udun Crossing Forge Tower, and from here head west to reach the Durthang Outskirts, another Uruk stronghold, and the area where our next Forge Tower is located, albeit on the western side of the area. Once you've reforged the Forge Tower, turn your attention back east, where all the points of interest in this busy area area. There's a long bridge connecting this area to Udun Crossing. Between this bridge and the Forge Tower is a passage running through some Uruk-infested ruins, and lined with caged Caragors. Behind the southern ruins you can find the Grog Bowl Artifact.

North of the northern ruins you'll find a bridge tha connects this area to Durthang Keep. This bridge spans a ditch, which you should jump down into, then head under the bridge. Examine the southern support pillar under the bridge to spot the "puigadol dagor" Ithildin. Climb to the high ground along the southern end of the bridge and explore the northern face of the western ruins to spot some empty Caragor cages. In between two intact cages you'll find one with a damage gate you can squeeze through. In this cell you'll find the "Tridaeol chith efuin" Ithildin rune on a wall. Now return back east to find the Bow Mission "Shadow Under Siege ", which requires you to snipe Uruk Guards from the eastern edge of Durthang. Again, easy Mirian.

Durthang Wastes

Herbs Artifacts
Niphredil Graven Idol Representing Morgoth

Take some sage advice from good old Khalid-discretion is the better part of valor. If you're losing a fight (left) don't be afraid to flee. Uruk who are powerful in a group might be easy prey on their own (right).

Return back west, through the ruins, past the Forge Tower, and into the Durthang Wastes area. It's... not very interesting, but you'll find all the herbs here you need to complete Survival Challenge 6 , so you might as well complete it, if you haven't already. Doing so will finish up all the Survival Challenges we can do until we make significant quest progress. The main point of interest in this area is a cave to the north-west, which contains the Graven Idol Representing Morgoth Artifact. From the entrance of the cave head north, then turn right into a smaller passage before turning north again to find a breakable rock, behind which this Artifact lies. If this cave is occupied by a Graug, try to distract it by luring Uruks to it, or just run past it.

Durthang West

Herbs Ithildin
Elgaran i achortha ivorn

The Sword Mission "Cutting the Lines" tasks you with performing melee Executions while fighting off a horde of Uruks (left), skills that you must learn sooner or later. "Clear the Skies" tests your ability to sneakily Ledge Kill archers (right).

Head east to reach Durthang West, where you can find two weapon missions near the northern edge of the area-the Sword Mission "Cutting the Lines" and the Dagger Mission "Clear the Skies" . Both of these missions are easier than ones we've already completed, the Sword Mission is similar to "Into the Pit" , and "Clear the Skies" charges you with the daunting task of killing a few scattered archers from stealth, using Ledge Kill for bonus Mirian. Once those are done, head to the eastern edge of this area to find a bridge leading to Durthang Keep to the east. Climb along the northern side of this bridge to find the "i achortha ivorn" Ithildin rune.

Durthang Keep

Herbs Artifacts Ithildin
Lothrond Rusted Horn Achared
Blue Milk

Quit climbing on the bridge, you animal, and cross it to the east to reach Durthan Keep. There's an Artifact and an Ithildin here you can claim. Head up some stairs and into some ruins, then explore some Caragor cages in the floor to the north-east. Two of them are covered with grates (and probably occupied by bitey Caragors), while the middle one is not. Drop down into the uncovered pit to find the Rusted Horn Artifact. Squeeze out the damaged gate to the east and scale the building beyond, also to the east. Atop a square building you'll find the "Achared" Ithildin run on a wall between two banners.

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