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Arrr! Trophy/Achievement

Jarrod Garripoli

"Tchia" iconTchia hosts a number of trophies and achievements that mostly revolve around getting various collectibles. However, there are some other trophies/achievements that require you to do some miscellaneous tasks. This page will detail how to unlock the Arrr! trophy/achievement.

You’ll need the whole outfit equipped before the trophy/achievement unlocks

How to Unlock the Arrr! Trophy/Achievement in Tchia

The description for this trophy/achievement says you need to wear the complete Pirate outfit and boat style. Unlike the other cosmetics-focused trophies/achievements, the outfit and the boat cosmetics will be located in two different locations. Before going after either of them, though, you will need to do some hunting down of the collectibles. Specifically, you will need a total of 10 "Clam Pearl" iconClam Pearls and 40 "Braided Trinket" iconBraided Trinkets. Remember that you need to have those amounts on you, so make sure not to spend them on other cosmetics in the world.

Once you have those, it’s time to hunt down the cosmetics.

Where to Find the Pirate Outfit in Tchia

(1 of 2) Go to spot on the map for the Pirate outfit

Go to spot on the map for the Pirate outfit (left), You’ll need 5 Pearls and 20 Trinkets to get it (right)

Thankfully, all of the pieces for the Pirate outfit are in a single spot, a Cosmetics Box in Aemoon. This is located on Madra Noj, the southern of the two large islands. Find the "Claw Machine" iconClaw Machine on your map and near it will be some Cosmetics Boxes on display, with one of them containing the whole Pirate outfit. Walk up to the box and press the button to purchase it (costs 5 Clam Pearls and 20 Braided Trinkets). Once you have done this, head on over to the "Campfire" iconCampfire to the southeast, where you want to put on the following items:

  • Pirate Coat
  • Pirate Pants
  • Pirate Boots
  • Pirate Hat
  • Eyepatch - Skull

Where to Find the Pirate Boat Style in Tchia

(1 of 2) Go to this spot on the map for the boat style needed

Go to this spot on the map for the boat style needed (left), You’ll need 5 Pearls and 20 Trinkets to purchase the box (right)

For the Pirate boat style, you will be sticking to Madra Noj, but heading to the southern end. Specifically, you’re heading to "Lai" iconLai, the little place at the southern end, with the tall lighthouse and one of the Docks. Upon arriving there, you will see another Cosmetics Box. Approach it and purchase the box for 5 Clam Pearls and 20 Braided Trinkets. With that done, call your boat to that dock (if it’s not there already) and customize it with the following:

  • Jolly Roger (Sail)
  • Jolly Roger (Flag; either one of the two pirate-theme flags will work)

You don’t need to do any other customizing with the boat, as those are the only two items needed. Once you’ve decked out the boat and Tchia with the appropriate items, you will unlock the Arrr! trophy/achievement.

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