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Snip Snip Trophy/Achievement

Jarrod Garripoli

"Tchia" iconTchia hosts a number of trophies and achievements that mostly revolve around getting various collectibles. However, there are some other trophies/achievements that require you to do some miscellaneous tasks. This page will detail how to unlock the Snip Snip trophy/achievement.

How to Unlock the Snip Snip Trophy/Achievement in Tchia

There are many cosmetic options for "Tchia" iconTchia in the game, and one of those options is a complete crab outfit that you can unlock. Similar to the Pirate outfit, the Crab Outfit is tied to one of the "Cosmetic Box" iconCosmetic Boxes in the game’s world. These are found at specific spots and require you to find a certain number of "Braided Trinket" iconBraided Trinkets and/or Clam Peals. So, you will need to hunt down some of the other collectibles before you think about going after the actual outfit.

Where to Find the Crab Outfit in Tchia

Thankfully, you don’t have to open two different "Cosmetic Box" iconCosmetic Boxes to get the Crab Outfit, as all you need is in a single one. Of course, as mentioned above, you will need a certain number of Trinkets and Pearls first, though. To be more specific, you will want to get 10 Clam Pearls and 15 Braided Trinkets from the game’s world first. Considering the number of them in the game, this shouldn’t take too long and if you want to get 100%, then you will be collecting them all anyway.

As for the location of the "Cosmetic Box" iconCosmetic Box that contains the Crab Outfit, you will be visiting the town of "Tingeting" iconTingeting. This place is located on Ija Noj, the northern of the two main islands. There is a river cutting through the middle of Ija Noj, and "Tingeting" iconTingeting will be on the northern side of the river, on the eastern side of the landmass. Locate the "Claw Machine" iconClaw Machine in "Tingeting" iconTingeting and you will see the "Cosmetic Box" iconCosmetic Boxes right next to it. Find the one with the crab outfit and purchase it.

You should receive three items, the Crab Costume, the Crab Hat, and the "Crab Backpack" iconCrab Backpack. Head to the nearest "Campfire" iconCampfire, choose to change your outfit, and put on all three of the above items. As soon as you put the last piece on, you will unlock the trophy/achievement.


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