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All Clam Pearl Locations

Jessica Dillon

There are a few collectibles in Tchia, but the ones you will use for currency are pearls and trinkets. These items are sprinkled all around the map and can easily be revealed using the "Point of View" iconPoint of View around each area. In total, there are 80 "Clam Pearl" iconClam Pearls to find in Tchia. The guide below goes over where to find every single Clam Pearl in the game, in order of the areas you will be exploring throughout the story of the game.

Finding a Clam Pearl in !Tchia.

Uma Clam Pearl Locations in Tchia

All Clam Pearls in the game are underwater and often grow near each other. For the six Clam Pearls on "Uma" iconUma, you will want to start in the lake near the center of the island and then use the dock to summon your boat. Sail up to the area beside Sandy Banks with two pearls. It’s best to take over an aquatic animal to safely find the pearls, as it’s easy to get turned around in the water. You may also find that it’s easier to see at night, as collectibles will glow. Once you get the two on the right, sail over to the left side, and grab the last three.

All Clam Pearls on Uma.

Tre’s Camp Clam Pearl Locations in Tchia

The second location you head to in Tchia is "Tre's Camp" iconTre’s Camp. If this is your first time there, be sure to grab all five pearls. If you’re going back, then be careful, as the island does become a "Maano Camp" iconMaano Camp. The first pearl is the easiest as it’s directly below the camp area. The other four are in two sets, one on the north and one on the south side of the camp. For the most part, these are easy to get, and you will likely already have grabbed two of them as it’s part of the game’s main story.

All Clam Pearls around Tre’s Camp.

All Clam Pearls on Ija Nöj in Tchia

While you do visit "Madra Nöj" iconMadra Nöj second, you aren’t going to be spending a lot of time together. The next island that you will really be exploring around is the massive "Ija Nöj" iconIja Nöj. Ija Nöj has six different clusters of pearls that can be found all around the island, with a total of 28 Clam Pearls to find in all.

All Lek Clam Pearls on Ija Nöj

Lek is on the rightmost side of the island, down from the "Dopwa" iconDopwa Dock. It’s also near "Hua" iconHua, and Ezin, making the area easy to spot. The five Clam Pearls themselves are located in a rock cluster in front of the three mini islands. We suggest starting with the pearl nearest Ezin since it’s own and working your way down and back up to the last pearl closest to the middle mini island.

Clam Pearls around Lek in !Tchia.

Pwärä Bibiu Clam Pearls on Ija Nöj

Pwärä Bibiu is an area right above the village of "Tingeting" iconTingeting where a boat dock is conventionally located. You will want to sail up to the first of seven Clam Pearls on the right side, which is resting a bit away from the rest of the cluster. Ideally, you will want to use soul jumping to move around easily through sea creatures. From the first pearl, keep moving north until you circle back around towards where your anchored your boat and found the first pearl.

Pwärä Bibiu Clam Pearl locations.

Pwärä Dö Clam Pearls on Ija Nöj

There’s a small bit of land called Pwärä Dö on the north side of Ija Nöj that you will want to sail to. Once there, you will want to go north between this land sliver and "Gutu" iconGutu until you reach some rocks with four Clam Pearls. Start with the southernmost Clam Pearl, then go to the one on your left, working your way north to pick up all four.

Clam Pearls between Pwärä Dö and Gutu.

Bere Pidu Clam Pearls on Ija Nöj

The next set of three Clam Pearls is located above Bere Pidu and the Wildlife Refuge and below Ija Itin, inside of a rocky reef. You will want to start at the northern tip of the Wildlife Rescue and make your way to the southernmost pearl. You will then want to go north towards Bere Pidu to get the second pearl and, afterward, go northwest towards Ija Itin to grab the last one.

Clam Pearls between Bere Pidu, The Wildlife Refuge, and Ija itin.

Wildlife Refuge Clam Pearls on Ija Nöj

This next cluster of four Clam Pearls is right below the Wildlife Refuge. You will want to hit the Clam Pearl on the right, which is closest to the Wildlife Refuge, and then work your way down to the southern pearl.

Clam Pearls south of the Wildlife Refuge.

Weliwele Clam Pearls on Ija Nöj

The final three Clam Pearls are located right next to "Weliwele" iconWeliwele. Simply start at the pearl closest to the beach, and swim further out to sea to pick up the last two Clam Pearls on Ija Nöj.

Clam Pearls near Weliwele in !Tchia.

All Clam Pearls on Ieji Sinoe in Tchia

Ieji Sinoe is a small island that you will be transported to during the fifth main story quest in Tchia. This island doesn’t have a dock, so you won’t be able to use fast travel to get back there quickly. It’s best to get all ten Clam Pearls while you are here for the story. The first set of pearls is contained in the small reef at the northern end of the island. You can start at either end of the pearls and circle around.

The second patch is contained in the middle of the island in "Mwaken" iconMwaken Village. Once again, you can start at any part and move around in a circle to pick them all up. The size of This island makes it one of the easiest places to scoop up some quick Clam Pearls.

There are two sets of Clamp Pearls on Ieji Sinoe.

All Madra Nöj Clam Pearl Locations in Tchia

Madra Nöj becomes an island you will explore during the last few chapters of Tchia’s story. There are five different Clam Pearl clusters in all, for a total of 26 Clam Pearls on Madra Nöj. They are all located off the coast of the island, and to get them all, you will need to do quite a bit of sailing around.

Gwâ Clam Pearls on Madra Nöj

"Gwâ" iconGwâ is a location on the west end of Madra Nöj with four Clam Pearls. Luckily there is a dock here, so fast travel to it and sail north until you come across a rocky reef. Ideally, you want to start with one of the northernmost pearls and then work your way around in a U shape.

All Clam Pearls around Gwâ.

Xupi Maano Clam Pearls on Madra Nöj

This is a factory that is part of a late-game story quest called "Xupi Maano" iconXupi Maano, the reef containing the four Clam Pearls is just below it. You will want to sail to the spot with the top left clam pearl and then go to the one directly on your right. From here, go south to grab the third Clam Pearl. After this, swim to the "Rock Balancing" iconRock Balancing game, and then hop in the water on the upper right side to easily swim to the last Clam Pearl.

All Clam Pearls around Xupi Maano.

Lai Clam Pearls on Madra Nöj

The next set of six Clam Pearls is near the "Lai" iconLai dock. You will want to go left from this dock until you find the rocky reef. Sadly, the pearls are a bit apart and split between two mini-sections. Your best bet is to start on the right side and make your way south to the last pearl by soul jumping from fish to fish. After this is done, head to the right side, and start with the pearl closest to the middle. Follow the same strategy here to collect all the Clam Pearls.

All Clam Pearls near Lai in !Tchia.

Mëëlo Clam Pearls on Madra Nöj

"Mëëlo" iconMëëlo is the name of a section of land near a shipwreck on Madra Nöj’s northern side. It can be easily spotted when sailing south from the nearby dock. These six Clam Pearl form a cluster that has a circular pattern, so it’s best to start with the Clam Pearl closest to the Mëëlo dock and work your way around in a circle with the use of soul jumping.

All Clam Pearls near Mëëlo.

Ga Ngazo Clam Pearls on Madra Nöj

The final set of six Clam Pearls can be found right above the city of "Ga Ngazo" iconGa Ngazo. You will want to start at the "Aëmoon" iconAëmoon dock and sail north. Here you will find the last rocky reef on Madra Nöj. We recommend starting with the Clam Pearl at the southern end, going to the one slightly north towards the reef center, and then swimming across to get the one on the left. From there, go to the one almost directly north, and work your way right, picking up the final two Clam Pearls.

All Clam Pearls near Ga Ngazo in !Tchia.

All Clam Pearls At The Shipwreck in Tchia

There is a "Shipwreck" iconShipwreck that can be found in the southern portion of Tchia’s map between Ija Nöj and Madra Nöj. It is south of "Tre" iconTre’s Camp and has a "Maano" iconMaano Camp on top of it, making it easy to spot. The best way to get there quickly is by leaving from the dock at Gwâ. From there, going in a slightly diagonal line, you should be able to see the Maano Camp in the distance. You can start on either end of the wreck and work your way up or down through the four Clam Pearls.

All Shipwreck Clam Pearls in !Tchia.

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