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Where to Find Every Animal

Jessica Dillon

There are several animals to use in Tchia, but if you’re trying to find them all, things can get tricky. Animals can be found in the sky, in the sea, and even running around on the islands themselves. Some are easy to miss, while others are so common that you will soul jump into them several times throughout the game. The guide below goes over every animal in Tchia and where to find them.

Using soul jump on a Giant Gecko.

Every Animal in Tchia and Where to Find Them

Below is every animal in Tchia and how you can encounter them. Keep in mind there are some animals that only spawn around set areas and ones that will only register when you make it far enough into the game’s story.

Animal Habitat Location
"Flying Fox" iconFlying Fox Can be found in forest and caves away from humans. Map Marker
"Crow" iconCrow Common in the northern part of "Ija Nöj" iconIja Nöj. Map Marker
"Giant Coconut Locust" iconGiant Coconut Locust Found near "Tingeting" iconTingeting and on "Madra Nöj" iconMadra Nöj. Map Marker
"Kagou" iconKagou Found walking around on "Ija Nöj" iconIja Nöj. Map Marker
"Notou" iconNotou These can be seen flying all over the map. Map Marker
"Common Dove" iconCommon Dove These also can be found all over the map. Map Marker
"Silver Gull" iconSilver Gull They are easy to find on the "Aëmoon" iconAëmoon dock sign. Map Marker
"Green Parakeet" iconGreen Parakeet A bird you can summon using your Ukulele, it also has been seen on "Uma" iconUma. Map Marker
"Xetiwa" iconXetiwa A mythical animal you meet in the story. Story Event
"Clown Trigger Fish" iconClown Trigger Fish Reef Map Marker
"Dolphin" iconDolphin Ocean and reef, usually near people Map Marker
"Dugong" iconDugong Ocean and reef. Map Marker
"Idol Fish" iconIdol Fish Reef Map Marker
"Lion Fish" iconLion Fish Reef Map Marker
"Mackerel" iconMackerel It can be found easiest at the lake in "Ieji Sinoe" iconIeji Sinoe Map Marker
"Grouper Fish" iconGrouper Fish Reef and river. Map Marker
"Napoleon Fish" iconNapoleon Fish Reef Map Marker
"Parrot Fish" iconParrot Fish Reef Map Marker
"Blacktip Reef Shark" iconBlacktip Reef Shark Reef Map Marker
"Surgeon Fish" iconSurgeon Fish Reef Map Marker
"Trevally Fish" iconTrevally Fish Reef Map Marker
"Sea Turtle" iconSea Turtle Ocean and river. Map Marker
"Dawa" iconDawa Reef Map Marker
"Boar" iconBoar In the wilderness. Map Marker
"Cat" iconCat Can be found at the start of the game on "Uma" iconUma or near villages Map Marker
"Centipede" iconCentipede Can be found crawling on the river banks near "Silibom" iconSilibom. Map Marker
"Coconut Crab" iconCoconut Crab Can be found near "Tingeting" iconTingeting. Map Marker
"Cow" iconCow Can be found at the Wildlife Refuge. Map Marker
"Common Crab" iconCommon Crab Can be found on beaches and in the ocean. Map Marker
"Deer" iconDeer Can be found in forests. Map Marker
"Dog" iconDog Found in villages like "Hunahmi" iconHunahmi. Map Marker
"Giant Gecko" iconGiant Gecko Can be found wandering the river banks near "Silibom" iconSilibom. Map Marker
"Pig" iconPig Can be found easily in "Weliwele" iconWeliwele. Map Marker
"Red Crab" iconRed Crab Part of the story quest can be found at "Kwéö" iconKwéö. Map Marker
"Banded Sea Krait" iconBanded Sea Krait Can be easily found around "Kwéö" iconKwéö. Map Marker

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