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Chapter I - Uma

Jessica Dillon

Tchia is a relaxing island hopping game where you play as a young girl trying to save her father. "Tchia" iconTchia herself has a unique ability to soul jump into objects and animals. Before she can use it, though, you will need to play through a bit of the story. The first chapter of Tchia is rather easy and focuses on getting you used to the gameplay flow. The guide below goes over this chapter and even gives you the location of your very first trinket.

Tchia and her father.

Starting Tchia

Before you start the first chapter you will be shown Tchia’s prologue. This shows an orphanage and a young boy who has just arrived. The boy is brought to storytime by a "Campfire" iconCampfire where a group of excited children have gathered around. An old woman appears and begins to tell the story of a girl named Tchia.

How to Complete Chapter I of Tchia

The game starts out after the prologue introducing the orphanage at the start of Tchia. You immediately get control of a young girl of the same name, who just happens to be celebrating her twelfth birthday. Your first task will be to climb up some rocks to meet your "Father" iconFather on the south side of the island, "Uma" iconUma. Once you do, you will be given a glider, and use it to make your way back down from the rocks. The game will want you to meet your father at the nearby campfire. Before you do, though, you will likely want to grab the trinket that is located inside of Tchia’s house.

Once this is done, head north towards the small opening in the rocks. Once you get there, the game’s first music sequence will start. There are only two buttons to press, and if you wish, you can skip playing the music sequence altogether and just enjoy the song. Even if you try and fail, this won’t halt your story progression. You should also note that this song will not give you the Shredder achievement if you 100% it. After this sequence, Tchia will take a brief nap.

Collecting presents for Tre.

Once you wake up after spending time with Tchia’s Father, you will begin collecting gifts for a visitor named "Tre" iconTre. Your first task will be to harvest two coconuts from the nearby "Coconut Tree" iconCoconut Trees, which are right beside the small cave. You can do this with your new screenshot. Just aim at a coconut and fire to make it fall down. Once you have knocked two out of the tree, pick them up and store them in Tchia’s inventory.

If you haven’t already, run inside Tchia’s house and grab the trinket. The last item is a taro root from the garden right next to the house. This will conclude the things you need to grab for the gift to Tre. Head to the dock on the north end of the island to meet Father, and a cutscene will play where Tre arrives. Shortly after this, a helicopter will appear. Tchia’s Father will be taken away, and Tre will move Tchia to his home to keep her safe. This will start Chapter II.

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Tchia sets off on an adventure to rescue her father from the island’s ruler, Meavora, in this open-world adventure, inspired by New Caledonia. She can jump, glide, ride her boat, and even use her special gift to Soul-Jump into animals and objects. This guide currently contains the following content:

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