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How to Defeat Maano

Jessica Dillon

Tchia is a game about family, exploration, and the ties of friendship. While most of the game is rather peaceful, there are enemies in the game that wish to capture "Tchia" iconTchia. These are known as "Maano" iconMaano and are servants of "Meavora" iconMeavora. These are beings created by the ruler out of nothing more than fabric and totems, meaning that they can’t be destroyed by your slingshot or a crab pinch. The guide below goes over how to defeat Maano in Tchia.

A Maano Camp on Ija Nöj.

What are Maano Weak to in Tchia

The only thing that can get rid of the Maano is fire. Tchia herself can’t naturally produce fire, but she can possess objects using soul jump that can produce fire. Luckily, these enemies aren’t wandering out in the wilderness. They are stationed in camps scattered around the map. They are usually in groups of three to ten and will even have surveillance units that can locate you from farther away.

Maano surveillance unit.

Unfortunately for the Maano, though, their camps are also packed with everything you need to defeat them. There are four primary ways you are going to defeat the Maano.

  • Using a lantern to ignite them.
  • Using a gasoline can to ignite them.
  • Using coal to ignite them.
  • Using a fire to spawn a flaming log, which can be used to chase them down or be thrown at them from afar.

Using soul jump on fire.

Most Maano camps can be wiped out within a couple of minutes. We do recommend that you go for the surveillance units first, as these can capture you from a decent distance.

How to Escape Maano in Tchia

If you are spotted by a Maano unit, then they will start throwing fabric at you. Generally, you see this attack coming, and you can dodge it. This is harder if you’re in a bad spot or if you have several Maano after you at once. When captured, you are able to tap a button to try and escape. This happens every time you are captured, even if it’s back to back. If you can’t escape, you will be placed inside a cage.

Tchia being captured by Maano.

Once you are able to move, use soul jump and search around your surroundings to find an item to transfer into. This will likely be some coal that can be used to set fire to any nearby Maano. Being captured does not revive any Maano or restart your progress in the camp.

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Tchia sets off on an adventure to rescue her father from the island’s ruler, Meavora, in this open-world adventure, inspired by New Caledonia. She can jump, glide, ride her boat, and even use her special gift to Soul-Jump into animals and objects. This guide currently contains the following content:

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