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How to Control Your Boat

Jessica Dillon

n Tchia, you are going to be getting around by using your boat to travel from island to island and from dock to dock. Doing this can be rather easy once you get the hang of sailing the seas. Tchia’s boat system isn’t necessarily difficult, but for first-time players, it can be a bit rough getting started, especially if you end up beaching your boat in the first few hours of gameplay. The guide below goes over how to steer your boat, make quick stocks, and how to get your boat unstuck in Tchia.

Sailing on the open ocean in Tchia.

How to Steer, Speed Up, and Stop Your Boat in Tchia

You will want to familiarize yourself with the three controls that make your boat run smoothly. There are three different parts of your boat that you can control. Here is what each of them does.

  • Sail: Raise to increase your boat’s speed, lower to decrease its speed.
  • Helm: Allows you to steer your boat and change directions even before raising your sail.
  • Anchor: Allows you to keep your boat in place or bring it to a hard stop.

You will need to use the sail to increase how quickly you move across the water, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to steer while raising or lowering your sail and vice-versa. During river sailing segments, things are more difficult as you have a limited amount of time to raise your sail, then return to the helm. While navigating a river, it’s best to only raise your sail at half-mast and then return to the helm to keep from speeding into the riverbank. Once you are in a straightaway, you can fully raise the sail.

Lower your sail slowly when navigating a river.

If you find yourself at a location you would like to explore, use the anchor across from the on the left side of the boat to come to a complete stop. You can do this while speeding across the ocean or when still and placing your boat near a dock.

How to Get Your Boat Unstuck in Tchia

You will likely run your boat onto land pretty regularly, especially if you want to explore an interesting location you just spotted from the sea. There’s also the problem or rocks being in rivers, which are narrow waterways. If possible, use the helm to turn the boat around the obstacle. This won’t work if you have beached yourself. This still isn’t much of a problem, though, since you can push your boat as long as Tchia is able to stand up beside of it. This can quickly get things back into the water or unstuck from a nearby rock.

Push your boat back into the water to get it unstuck in Tchia.

If for some reason your boat just doesn’t want to get back into the water, then make your way to the nearest dock. Here, you simply need to interact with the nearby counter and choose to summon it back to you.


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