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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to Defeat Taotie in Wo Long

Shane Williams

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty launches Friday 3rd, March 2023. As you may already know if you played any of Team Ninja’s previous games, such as Nioh & Nioh 2, the bosses are no joke and Wo Long doesn’t shy away from that as a lot of the bosses you come across will require some kind of strategy and practice before you can slay them. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps of the Chapter 4 Boss, Taotie.

Taotie’s Size can seem daunting.

Best Way To Defeat Taotie in Wo Long

You’ll face Taotie at the end of the main mission Centuries of Glory Burned Away which takes place in Chapter 4 and he is Morale Rank 20. Before going into the fight you’ll want to make sure you get all of the Battle / Marking Flags to increase your Fortitude Rank to 20, so if you die your Morale Rank cant go any lower than 20. You’ll then want to farm the enemies by going back and forth between the two flags until your Morale Rank is at least 21-22, but if you want to go all the way up to 25, then it’ll just make the battle slightly easier.

Taotie is arguably one of the easiest bosses you’ll face in Wo Long, as it doesn’t have very much health and it’s attacks aren’t terrible difficult to avoid, so the main thing it’s got going for it is that it can be very intimidating due to the size of it. From the very start of the battle you’ll want to make a run for it’s feet and start slashing away doing the Combo DualSense-ButtonSquare + DualSense-ButtonSquare + DualSense-ButtonTriangle on Playstation or Xbox-ButtonX + Xbox-ButtonX + Xbox-ButtonY on Xbox whilst throwing in the odd Martial Art/Spell to fill up his Spirit Gauge.

Once you’ve fully filled Taotie’s Spirit Gauge it’ll fall to the ground and you’ll be able to run towards its head and perform a Critical Blow. You’ll need to do 2-3 Critical Blows in order to deplete all of its health, then Phase 2 will begin. However, each time the location of where you can perform a Critical Blow will change.

Phase 1 Attacks

  • Stomp

As you’re whacking away at his foot he’ll eventually lift it’s foot up and perform a stomp down on your location, so when you see this you’ll want to run away to put some distance between you both. Alternatively, you can dodge just as his foot hits the ground to deflect it.

(1 of 2) Watch out for Taotie’s Leap

Watch out for Taotie’s Leap (left), and Stomp Attacks. (right)

  • Leap

As you’re chipping away at Taotie’s health he’ll eventually leap away from you and follow it up with a Critical Blow that consists of him launching three crystals at you. Deflecting them will increase its Sprite Gauge by a large amount. Additionally, Taotie can just leap around without a Critical Blow, so be sure to run away to avoid him landing on you.

  • Fire Puddles

Throughout the First Phase Taotie will be able to spit out balls of fire that’ll land on the ground and create an AoE temporally. You’ll want to try and move and fight Taotie away from it, as if you stand in it it’ll put the Burn Status Effect on you. This will gradually deplete your health, meaning that his attacks will most likely kill if you don’t keep healing.

(1 of 2) and punch attacks.

and punch attacks. (left), Watch out for the Fire Puddles (right)

  • Fire Fist

Once you’ve successfully filled up its Sprite Gauge and pulled off one Critical Blow, Taotie will gain an additional attack where his right fist will enlarge and attempt to punch you. You can avoid this by creating a large distance or like with the stomp, dodge just as it hits the ground. If you successfully avoid it, then you’ll be able to attack him hard for a few seconds whilst it’s stuck.

Phase 2

Once you’ve managed to fully deplete all of his health you’ll be shocked when you see him pop up again with a full bar of health and is a lot more aggressive. Thankfully, Phase 2 isn’t that much hassle, as all you need to do is perform one Critical Attack to kill it. Simply avoid his attacks and wait for him to rush you, then deflect and you’ll be pulled up onto his body. Here you’ll want to use your hardest hitting moves to fill his Spirit Gauge, then pull off one more Critical Blo to finish the fight!

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