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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

All Wo Long Weapon Types Explained

Jacob Woodward

Wo Long pretty much throws you in at the deep end pitting you against some tough enemies right from the get go, not to mention an extremely difficult first boss. To ensure you have the best chance of survival, knowing what weapons there are in the game to match your playstyle will be key.

However, while you’re semi-introduced to the Wo Long weapon system in the early stages, things aren’t explained thoroughly. So, to help you out, we’re going to run through all of the Wo Long weapon types there are in the game, providing the advantages and disadvantages of each. This will hopefully give you an idea of which weapon best suits your combat intentions and become a truly fierce warrior.

All Weapon Types In Wo Long

Before we get into some short explainers on each of the weapon types, here is a full list so you can have a quick glance at them all. In total, there are 16 different weapon types, something that you may not have expected if you’re used to games that have more rigid combat systems.

Weapon Type Physical/Ranged
Swords Physical
Straight Sabres Physical
Curved Sabres Physical
Staves Physical
Spears Physical
Slashing Spears Physical
Glaives Physical
Halberds Physical
Hammers Physical
Poleaxes Physical
Dual Swords Physical
Dual Sabres Physical
Dual Halberds Physical
Bows Ranged
Crossbows Ranged
Repeating Crossbows Ranged

Looking initially at the physical attack weapons in Wo Long, as you would expect, the total number of these is much higher than that of ranged. You’ll be able to experience 13 different weapon types here, which is a huge number, and something that might leave you a little overwhelmed.

However, when broken down, it’s actually a pretty simple system that essentially puts these 13 into four categories; dual, combination attack weapons, fast, light damage weapons, long reach, medium damage and heavy, high damage weapons.

Using a Straight Sabre on a Demonized Officer in Wo Long

The fast, light attack weapons consist of Swords, Curved Sabres, and Straight Sabres which offer up a much quicker playstyle at the detriment to damage output. These are usually good against faster moving enemy types and bosses who provide a smaller window of attack, requiring you to get as many hits in where you can.

A Glaive in action in Wo Long

Longer reach weapons offer a different style of play than that of Swords or Straight
Sabres, and require a little more finesse. Naturally, you’ll be taking advantage of the long range nature, probably excelling in counter attacks, best for enemies that are more slower attacking and can be deflecting more easily. We’d say that Staves, Spears, Slashing Spears, Halberds, and Glaives fit into this category so get these equipped if this is more your playstyle.

Looking to the heavier, hard-hitting weapons, these are Hammers and Poleaxes. You’re going to be wanting to use these in quite niche situations that require some serious damage. Hammers are the shortest range here, with Poleaxes actually offering a mix of long and short range, allowing for a little more flexibility.

Finally, we’ve got the dual weapons. These are reserved for those that want fast and furious combat to try and overwhelm their enemies. There are three sets of dual weapons to choose from; Dual Halberds, Dual Sabres, and Dual Swords, and almost follow their same traits of their single weapon variety just with less damage in favour of the fast attack nature. Honestly, you can use these dual weapons in a variety of different situations, but in our opinion, bosses are their downfall.

Fast-striking Dual Swords in Wo Long

Moving onto the ranged weapons, you’re obviously getting a lot less variation here, being limited to 3 different selections. There are Bows, Crossbows, and Repeating Crossbows, all having slightly different advantages.

Bows are the first set of ranged weapons you’ll pick up and are as traditional as you would expect, normal fire rate with average damage output. Crossbows on the other hand are much slower but offer up huge amounts of power but can only really be used in specific situations. Finally, there’s Repeating Crossbows which are obviously the fastest option here but it does come with decreased range distance so keep that in mind if you want to attack from afar.

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