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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to Defeat the Blindfolded Boy (Last Boss) in Wo Long

Matt Chard

As you’re nearing the end of your journey in Wo Long you’ll have one final obstacle to beat, the last boss. Although not as difficult as the infamous Lu Bu, it can still be a tricky fight if you don’t know what to expect. This page will guide you through all the attacks as well as give you a strategy to defeat the last boss, Blindfolded Boy.

The last boss will take place in the same place you fought Zhang Liang.

Blindfolded Boy Build

This is more of a spell suggestion than a build per se, but these tips will make the battle a lot easier for you. First things first, equip the following spells, and Divine Beast.


Icon Spell Description
Wood_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Inner Breath Use this to slowly increase the Divine Beast Gauge over time.
Water_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Cloud Stance This will reduce the consumption of Spirit when deflecting.
Earth_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Enhance Defense Enhance Defense speaks for itself. This will reduce the damage you take for a brief period.
Metal_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Repression Crush There will be times you won’t be able to hit Blindfolded Boy, this helps keep his Spirit high.

Divine Beast

You’ll want to have the second Divine Beast Qinglong equipped, and use its Divine Resurrection skill (DualSense-ButtonTriangle + DualSense-ButtonCircle / Xbox-ButtonY + Xbox-ButtonB) whenever you get low on health. This will heal you to full, as well as give you a temporary healing circle to regenerate your health while you’re in it.


This is purely subjective as it depends on your playstyle, but an upgraded Zhao Yun set with the Unparalleled Spear. This weapon will give you the very strong Whistling Vortex Martial Art.

Another thing you want to do is to have the Deflect Difficulty as high as possible as this will make deflecting more forgiving if your timing is off. One last thing, make sure your armor and weapons are upgraded as high as they can be which should be around +8/9 at that stage of the game. You can upgrade them at the Blacksmith in the Hidden Village.


Obviously, you’ll have your Dragon Cure Pots to heal, but make sure you’ve been upgrading them throughout the game. This can be done with Dragon Vein Essence which increases the potency of the heal, and Dragon Vein Crystals which will give you more pots to use. These are hidden throughout the missions and can be missed until you replay the mission.

Other useful items that are not needed, but worth equipping to your shortcuts are Dragon’s Cure Powder which will give you a potent heal over time. Finally, Bear Gall, as using this will temporarily increase the amount of Spirit you get from attacks which helps keep your Spirit Gauge on the lower end of the spectrum.

Blindfolded Boy Attacks

For the most part, the boss will either throw ranged projectiles at you from distance, close the gap and perform a combo with his sword, use one of his elemental abilities, or Critical Blows.

Sword Barrage

The boss will float in the air and then conjure numerous swords before he unleashes them at you in a barrage. Each sword can be deflected, but deflect while you hold block, so you only take Spirit damage at worst. If you deflect even one of the swords, that should be enough to not break your guard.

(1 of 2) Blindfolded Boy will conjure up several swords before unleashing them consecutively.

Blindfolded Boy will conjure up several swords before unleashing them consecutively. (left), The boss will regularly jump in the air before throwing a ranged attack at you. (right)

Ranged Attack

The boss will leap in the air while throwing a projectile at you. Deflect or guard this.


Blindfolded Boy will prance around in the air three times while throwing the odd projectile at you before he throws a larger one at you at the end. This can be difficult to deflect as he can throw them while he’s prancing around. Guard the projectiles, and deflect the final projectile after the third prance. Note: He can use other attacks such as the Sword Lunge attack after the third prance, so be ready to avoid something other than a ranged attack.

(1 of 3) The boss will have a shadow around his sword before he unleashes an upward slash.

Shadow Lunge

When you’re at distance, the boss will have a shadowy glow around his sword before he lunges in with a spinning sword swipe. This is relatively easy to deflect, hit the deflect button just as the swipe is about to connect. Be careful though as he has a multi-hit combo with a similar effect. Note: He has two variations of this attack, one of which will be a spinning sword strike, and an upwards slice. Both of these start off with a lunge.

Shadow Sword Combo

As stated above, Blindfolded Boy has a multi-hit combo, three attacks to be precise, and each one of them will need to be deflected. If you guard all of them, your Spirit gauge may get broken leaving you open for an attack. This normally follows the above attack, and each attack will be a swipe in either direction. You want to time the deflect just as the swipe is about to hit you.

Melee to Ranged Combo

The boss will start off with a backhanded spin attack, and follow it up with a two-hit attack before unleashing a barrage of blades at you. You’ll know this is coming as his hand will glow gray/white before it starts. You can guard most of this other than the barrage which you’ll want to deflect.

The boss will perform a three-hit combo before unleashing a barrage of blades.

Elemental Magic

Blindfolded Boy is adept in the arts of Wizardry, and has access to all the best spells. Some of these attacks can be sealed by using the opposite element to what he’s casting. Here is what he can cast, and how you can deal with it:

  • Toxin Bubbles (Metal): Conjures several toxic bubbles across the battlefield. Not much to say about this, just make sure to move if a bubble appears under you.

  • Ice Fall (Water): Conjures up a storm of icicles that periodically fall down around the battlefield. Make sure you’re not stationary to avoid this attack, but these probably won’t hit you anyway.

  • Frost Barrage (Water): The boss will jump into the air and conjure five icicles above him before unleashing them at you in quick succession. You want to deflect all of these if possible as he can follow it up with a lunging attack. If you guard them all, your Spirit gauge will most likely break leaving you open for the follow-up attack.

  • Icicle Barrage (Water): He’ll conjure up four to five icicles either side of himself before unleashing each side after each other. You don’t need to deflect all of these, but you’ll want to deflect at least some of them.

  • Fire Balls (Fire): The boss will hurl three large fireballs at you one after the other. Deflect each individual fireball, but they do come quick, so be prepared to deflect almost immediately after each fireball.

  • Heaven’s Rage (Wood): Similar to Heaven’s Rage, the boss will conjure up a lightning storm that will cover a large area, before sending a few of them out in different directions. First get out of the area of effect by dodging/running, then get prepared to either guard or deflect the bolts that follow.

  • Mightier Shockwave (Earth): Think Mighty Shockwave spell, but in a larger radius with multiple explosions. Get out of the area of effect, and keep moving to avoid it. He can also do the regular Mighty Shockwave spell as well.

  • Elemental Weapons: Blindfolded Boy can imbue his weapon with any of the elements, although it appears that Wood (Lightning) is his preferred choice. You can remove it by casting the opposite element at him, but you can ignore it for the most part.

(1 of 8) If the boss starts using Mightier Shockwave, get out of the area of effect as soon as possible.

Critical Blows

Blindfolded Boy has 4 Critical Blows, with most of them being easy to counter other than the grab.

Lunging Divebomb

The boss will glow red while levitating before lunging at you in a stabbing motion. This is a two-part attack where if you counter the first Blow, a second will follow. Although this sounds dangerous, this is your best way to defeat the boss. What you want to do is hit deflect right at the last second as the boss is about to hit you. Once you’ve countered that, hit him with a Spirit attack (DualSense-ButtonTriangle / Xbox-ButtonY ), then immediately press deflect again to counter the second attack. This will most likely leave him open for a Fatal Strike. Note: The Spirit attack counter after the first Blow was done 100% of the time with the Unparalleled Spear, the timings may be different with other weapons.

The boss will leap in the air and dive at you with his sword. Wait until the last second to deflect it. He will follow this up with another which can be deflected almost immediately

Shadow Strike

Blindfolded Boy will conjure up two illusions, one either side of him before unleashing two Shadow Lunge attacks, one with each illusion. Finally, he’ll perform a Critical Blow version of the Shadow Lunge (Spinning version) attack. The idea behind this attack is to punish bad deflecting. The first two attacks will decimate your Spirit gauge leaving you open for the Critical Blow.

The illusion’s attacks come in quick succession, but there is a slight delay with the Critical Blow. You want to deflect at least one of the illusions attacks, so you can be ready for the Critical Blow. The timing for the Critical Blow isn’t too bad provided you’re not stunned. Just hit deflect as soon as he raises the sword.

(1 of 2) The boss will conjure two illusions of himself. These will perform a Shadwow Strike each.

The boss will conjure two illusions of himself. These will perform a Shadwow Strike each. (left), Immediately after the second illusion, the boss will perform the Critical Blow. (right)

Death Orb

You’ve dealt with similar Critical Blows before. The boss will levitate while he conjures up a large red orb of death before unleashing it upon you. The best way to deal with this attack is to run back, so you can see when the orb fully materializes then hit deflect just as it’s about to hit you.

Blindfolded Boy will leap into the air and conjure a massive black and red orb before he throws it at you. Backup and deflect as it’s about to hit you.

Force Lift

This is the most difficult Critical Blow to deal with. The boss will levitate and raise his hand before rushing you and lifting you off the ground which drains a small portion of your health before he hits you with a force attack that knocks you back. This Blow is where most of your health pots will go, the timing is tight, and it comes at you quickly. Whenever you see him levitate a little off the ground (which happens a lot), get ready to deflect. When he raises his hand, it’ll glow with a bright flash, this is when you want to press the deflect button.

(1 of 2) The boss will float into the air and raise his hand. The hand will flash brightly which is the indicator to perform the deflect.

The boss will float into the air and raise his hand. The hand will flash brightly which is the indicator to perform the deflect. (left), If you miss it, the boss will drain your health before knocking you back with force. (right)

Double Slash

This Blow will happen rarely, and it appears to occur more often when you’re aggressive. From close-range, he’ll perform a lunging spinning slash then finish it with a thrust. You’ll want to deflect this just before the lunge which is fairly difficult due to its short timing.

From close-range, he’ll perform a lunging spinning slash then finish it with a thrust. Deflect it before the lunge happens.

Blindfolded Boy Strategy

Like most of the more difficult bosses in the game, this is more of a be patient, and deflect type of boss. If you go at him aggressively, he will punish you. Instead, stay back, and let him come to you. He’ll normally try to chip away at your Spirit gauge with a few ranged attacks then close the gap with his Sword Lunge attacks. That’s pretty much the gist of the battle. In between all that, he’ll throw Critical Blows and Elemental Attacks. The former will be where the majority of your damage will come from as they will lead to Fatal Strikes while the latter are reasonably easy to avoid as they’re telegraphed.

As his health starts to get lower, the attacks will come at you quicker with some of them almost blending in with each other. Dealing damage to the boss can be frustrating as he doesn’t sit still long enough for you to pummel him, so you’ll need to be patient. You can hit him with a Spirit counter after every Sword Lunge attack, but be careful not to get caught out with his Shadow Combo attack which starts off similarly. Once you’ve dropped him into a Fatal Strike position, hit him with a Martial Art or two before committing to the Fatal Strike as you have a brief window to get them in before he recovers his Spirit.

Basically, for the whole fight, sit back, and deflect/guard his projectiles. Counter his Sword Lunge attack with a Spirit counter, deflect his Critical Blows, and then Fatal Strike him after a Martial Art or two. Keep using Enhance Defense/Inner Spirit/Repression Crush when you have the free Spirit, and dodge the Elemental Attacks, and you’ll have him down in no time. When you finally deplete his health to zero, you’ll need to finish him off with a Fatal Strike.

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