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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to Beat Aoye in Wo Long

Matt Chard

At the end of the mission “In Search of the Immortal Wizard” in Wo Long you’ll have to defeat Aoye who can be a difficult boss if you’re not prepared. This page will guide you through all of its attacks, and how to counter them including build tips to make things easier.

Aoye is the last boss of the In Search of the Immortal Wizard mission.

Aoye Build

This is more of a spell suggestion than a build per se, but these tips will make the battle a lot easier for you. First things first, equip the following spells, and Divine Beast.


Icon Spell Description
Wood_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Inner Breath Use this to slowly increase the Divine Beast Gauge over time.
Earth_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Enhance Defense Enhance Defense speaks for itself. Also, useful to remove negative water effects from yourself.
Earth_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Imposing Slab / Stone Weapon Imposing Slab can deal a nice chunk of damage to Aoye. Only downside is you’ll need to be close to use it. Stone Weapon will imbue your weapon with the Earth Virtue which is Aoye’s weakness.
Metal_Phase_Icons_Wo_Long.png Repression Crush This helps keep Aoye’s Spirit high.

Divine Beast

You’ll want to have the second Divine Beast Qinglong equipped, and use its Divine Resurrection skill (DualSense-ButtonTriangle + DualSense-ButtonCircle / Xbox-ButtonY + Xbox-ButtonB) whenever you get low on health. This skill will heal you, and your allies for full while leaving a circular pool on the floor that will regenerate your health over time almost making you invincible for the ten or so seconds it stays up. It will also resurrect any downed allies if you use it near them.


This is purely subjective as it depends on your play style, but try to go with a weapon that has a quick-hit Martial Art like Beckoning Pine which can be found on the Dual Sabers. For your armor, make sure you have your Equipment Weight in the blue as this will make you more agile.

Another thing you want to do is to have the Deflect Difficulty as high as possible as this will make deflecting more forgiving if your timing is off. One last thing, make sure your armor and weapons are upgraded as high as they can be which should be around at least +2 at that stage of the game. You can do this at the Blacksmith in the Hidden Village.


Obviously you’ll have your Dragon Cure Pots to heal, but make sure you’ve been upgrading them throughout the game. This can be done with Dragon Vein Essence which increases the potency of the heal, and Dragon Vein Crystals which will give you more pots to use. These are hidden throughout the missions and can be missed until you replay the mission.

Other useful items that are not needed, but worth equipping to your shortcuts are Dragon’s Cure Powder which will give you a potent heal over time, and Anti-freeze Soil. This item is great if Aoye inflicts Chill on you from its water attacks, and it’ll also increase your resistance to it too.

Aoye Attacks

Aoye has quite a few attacks in its arsenal, some of which can be difficult to defend against due to its unpredictable movements. We will separate the attacks into two phases. The first phase will be predominantly limb attacks, and Critical Blows, while the second phase will be predominantly water-based attacks.

Phase 1 Attacks


Aoye will leap into the air before crashing down into you. It will use these attacks a lot, primarily to close the distance, but it will still damage you. This is a great time to get some Spirit as this attack is relatively easy to deflect. Wait until Aoye is about to land on you before deflecting.

Aoye will leap into the air before slamming you with its body.

Vine Slam

This is a two-hit combo where Aoye will slam down its left arm first then follow it up with a slam from its right arm. Sometimes Aoye will add a sweep attack into the mix. You can avoid this by approaching the arm and pressing deflect as it’s about to hit the ground. Alternatively, you can just back away to avoid the attacks.

Aoye will slam down with one of its vine arms and follow it up with the other arm.

Crawling Vines

Not really an attack per se, but Aoye will deal damage to you while it crawls around the arena due to its arms flailing about as it moves. Always try to keep your distance from Aoye when it does this as the chip, and Spirit damage will add up. If you’re going around it, press deflect while moving to avoid getting hit by a flailing arm.

Aoye will slam down its vine arms as it crawls around the arena after you. This will deal damage.

Vine Barrage

This is more of a defensive measure than an attack, but it will still do a bit of damage to you if you get caught by it. Aoye will normally use this after a Bodyslam as a way to stop you attacking its sides. You’ll only get hit by this if you’re trying to attack its side.

Aoye will attack you with a barrage of vines if you attack it on its sides.

Horn Stab

Aoye will stab at the ground in front of it multiple times with its horns. You can deflect all the attacks, but it’s not worth it. Instead, move away from the front of Aoye when this happens. It also leaves them open for a few hits.

Aoye will try to attack you with multiple stabs from its horns. You can use this time to run in, and get some attacks of your own in.

Sweeping Combo

Aoye will perform a sweeping attack with one arm and follow it up with another sweeping attack from the other arm. If you’re near Aoye, deflect these which can be done by pressing deflect as the arm is about to make contact. If you’re further away from Aoye, you can ignore this.

Aoye will sweep one arm and follow it up with a sweeping attack from the other arm.

Phase 2 Attacks

Approximately at 50% health Aoye will start to introduce some water-based attacks into the mix. It will use these as well as the phase 1 attacks.

Ice Stream

Aoye will lower its head briefly before rising up and unleashing a stream of Ice in a line in front of it. You can avoid this by simply dodging either side, or staying mid-far range as it doesn’t have too much range. It can also be deflected.

Aoye will shoot out a stream of Ice from its mouth.

Falling Ice

The veins in Aoye will turn red before it leans back and fires multiple Ice projectiles on the floor. It will normally fire three of these close to itself, so make sure you’re in mid-far range from it to avoid the attack.

Aoye will lean back and launch three to four ice bombs onto the ground.

Ice Vomit

Aoye will spit Ice in front of itself. This is normally used after performing a sideswipe or two. This is easy to avoid as long as you’re not in front of the boss.

Aoye will vomit out Ice in front of itself.

Side Swipe

Aoye will slam its arms into the ground and fling itself either direction. This can be used twice in succession, and it will normally be followed up with an Ice Vomit. Back away from Aoye while hitting deflect to avoid the attacks.

Aoye will slam its arm in front of itself and use this to propel itself to the side.

Spin Attack

When Aoye changes direction while being stationary it can use its arms to spin itself around. If the arms hit you, they will deal damage. If you’re close to it while this is happening, hit deflect just as the arms are about to make contact.

When Aoye is stationary, it can spin around on the spot and attack with its arms.

Aoye Critical Blows

Most of these Critical Blows can be done from the start other than the Tentacle Grab attack which becomes available to Aoye after it’s lost half of its health.


Aoye will place both arms either side of you before it lunges itself towards you. This is where most of your damage will come from. Once you get this attack down, you’ll be deflecting it almost 100% of the time. You’ll know this is coming as it is telegraphed quite obviously when it’s about to happen. Once its arms are placed to the side of you, its mouth will turn red, and then it’ll lunge. Hit deflect as soon as the lunge starts to happen. It can be easier if you run towards it while pressing deflect.

Aoye will place an arm either side of you and pull itself towards you as it lunges itself in your direction.

Vine Stab

One of Aoye’s arm will have red veins appear in it before it hurls the arm at you. Deflect it just as it’s about to reach you. This has some tight timing, so it may take a few tries to get it down. Sometimes Aoye will follow this up with another Critical Blow from the opposite arm. This comes immediately after you’ve deflected the first, so be ready to deflect again almost immediately.

This Critical Blow will have Aoye throw an arm in a stabbing motion towards you. This can be followed up with the other arm.

Tentacle Grab

This is arguably the most difficult attack to counter. Aoye will open its mouth and some tentacles will pop out before it lunges towards you to grab you with said tentacles. In all honesty, it’s easier to avoid this attack than counter it. If you see this happening, run away from Aoye and you’ll avoid the attack. If you want to deflect it, ignore the first “attack” with the tentacles then run into it and press deflect just as it is about to lunge. The timing is really tight though, so as mentioned above, just avoid it.

Aoye will open its mouth then lunge forward to grab you with its tentacles.

Critical Blows Video

Aoye Strategy

First things first, make sure you have obtained every Battle and Marking Flag to get max morale for the fight. The difference this makes can’t be overstated enough. This isn’t an entertaining fight, and you’ll have to be patient unless you’re over-leveled. For the most part, stay mid to far-range, and let Aoye come to you. Most of the time, Aoye will use its Bodyslam attack to close the distance, waiting for it to nearly land before pressing deflect. Get a couple of attacks in, and retreat to safe distance.

This will be the flow of the fight, so get used to it. If Aoye decides to crawl over to you instead, keep your distance until he uses another attack. This will most likely be the Lunge Critical Blow and when it does it, deflect it, and punish them. If you have Imposing Slab, throw a couple of them at it instead as it’s weak to earth, and if enough hit, you can give Aoye the Heaviness Status Effect which will slow them down temporarily. Rinse and repeat this until its health reaches 50% then Aoye will use some water/ice-based attacks.

(1 of 2) Keep your distance from Aoye as most of its devastating attack are close-range.

Keep your distance from Aoye as most of its devastating attack are close-range. (left), Then counter it’s Critical Blows to get its Spirit Gauge up, so you can Fatal Strike it. (right)

Once again, keep your distance as most of the Ice attacks are close to Aoye other than the Ice Stream attack which can hit you mid-range, but that’s easy to avoid. If you get by any Ice attacks, use Enhance Defense to nullify its effect. Keep your distance, and deflect its Critical Blows to build up its Spirit gauge, but if it does the Tentacle Grab Critical Blow, run away from it. Slowly but surely you will chip away at its health until you finish it.

If you find the strategy particularly boring (I did), you can run to Aoye’s back and attack it from there to quicken the process, but be warned you most likely will get hit. If you choose to attack it, imbue your attacks with Stone Weapon to increase the damage, and don’t be afraid to throw a few Imposing Slabs in there either. They hit Aoye hard, and increase the chance to give it Heaviness. Another tip is to use Repression Crush when its Spirit gets to half as it’ll slow down the speed it decreases. Finally, although we recommend Qinglong for the Divine Beast, Qilin can do some nice damage to Aoye as it’s earth-based which is Aoye’s weakness.

Reinforcements and Online for Aoye

Using Reinforcements, and/or Online players is a double-edged sword. Having them will take some attention off you, but it makes Aoye have more health (with online players), and more unpredictable unless you brute force it down. We found fighting it solo easier, but that’s subjective depending on who joins your game.

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