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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

How To Defeat a Megabomb in MW3 Zombies

Craig Robinson

Megabombs, aka the Mega Abomination, is the baddest of bads in the MW3 Zombies mode. The three-headed demon dog is the guardian of the High Threat Zone, with it having the toughest health pools, damage, and other factors that make it a truly gargantuan challenge. However, many have beaten the boss, and now, we have ideas and tips to share on the Megabomb challenges in MW3 Zombies.

Here is a guide on defeating the Mega Abomination and ticking off the challenge in MW3 Zombies mode. Image via Activision.

What is a Megabomb in MW3 Zombies

The Megabomb is the giant Cerberus-like creature in the high-threat zones in MWZ. This creature is the ultimate bullet sponge, and likely one you need to prepare for. It is also a challenge as you progress deeper and deeper into the MWZ mode’s missions.

To find the Mega Abomination, players will ideally need to start looking near the bridges that lead into the Oldtown. Here, you often find the Mega Bomb lurking around those entrances and are the go-to spots to find it. However, if you can find a perched-up location, you will likely see it wandering around the location.

How to Defeat a Mega Abomination in MW3 Zombies

From what we’ve seen so far, there are a few decent tactics, which we can condense into tip format below. These are all tips, with some being better than others to defeat the Megabomb in MW3 Zombies mode.

  • Incendiary damage: Applying the fire mod to your weapon allows you to melt through the weak spot of the Mega Abomination. This works incredibly well with the Crossbow incendiary rounds as it stacks the burn very well. So, if you’re making that your task for a game, then consider upgrading the rarity, pack-a-punch the crossbow with incendiary ammo mods, and go hunting the beast from there. See Stone Mountain’s clip for instance on this busted interaction.

  • Juggernog: Absolutely buy this to survive longer. Also, get a three-plate vest for more survivability.

  • Juggernaut: Juggernaut is the best kill streak for this. It turns you into a bullet sponge and its minigun weapon means you can keep on the boss and hit the weak spot to wrack up free damage against. It also mitigates the risk of dying to an extent!

  • Throw explosive at the creature’s mouth during lazer beam: When the boss uses a Lazer Beam attack, it is known to swallow items that cancel its effect. Keep this in mind with frags, and Cluster Mines as they can be used as an interrupt and apply free damage. Not to mention it somewhat stuns it.

  • Deadbolt Turrets: Activate a nearby Deadbolt turret to provide some free fire support against the creature. You can check out more info Circuit Board Ammo types and Dead Bolt turrets here.

  • Party Up: More ammo and ways to kite Tier Three Zombies around increase chances of survival.

  • Kiting: You can kite the boss into Medium Threat areas so you don’t need to deal with the higher-level zombies and specials.

With that said, this concludes our tips on tricks on the Mega Abomination in MW3 Zombies mode.

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