The Basics

This page offers a simple, but thorough, overview of several of the basics in Warzone. Describing what different killstreaks and events offer you as a player is crucial to giving yourself the best opportunity to thrive in Verdansk or Rebirth Island.

Buy Station Items

Buy Station Items

  • Armour Plate Bundle - $1500 – Gives 5 armour plates, essential for survival.
  • Gas Mask - $3000 – Provides a gas mask to allow you 12 seconds inside the gas without dying.
  • Cluster Strike - $3000 – A six burst strike of missiles on a target, notoriously less effective than precision airstrikes. Good for confirming kills or trying to force enemies out of a position they are camping in. If you can down someone, sending in a cluster strike is a great way to give you time to move out of the area, ‘push’ the enemy, or try and confirm your kill.

  • Precision Airstrike - $3500 – Similar to a cluster strike, but more precise and only two air-strikes, this killstreak is more effective and a qucker way to confirm a kill.

  • UAV - $4000 – A familiar Call of Duty killstreak, the UAV provides an exact location of enemies within a distance on the mini-map. Using a UAV is important to consider as it gives you an advantage in combat situations. Buying 3x UAV’s and using them all at once will provide a VSAP - this shows you the exact location of all players on the map, not just the ones within a close proximity. A VSAP also highlights players who have the perk ghost/cold-blooded and would otherwise not appear on your radar.

  • Self-Revive Kit - $4000 – Whether you’re playing duos, trios or quads, the self-revive is crucial to Warzone. If you go down, instead of needing to be revived by a teammate, always a risky scenario, you can simply revive yourself (hence the name). In Solos, self-revives are even more important, and allow you to continue to fight.

  • Munitions Box - $4500 - This item is more cost-efficient in Duos, Trios and Quads, but has the same purpose in Solos too. The munitions box restocks the ammo of the weapons you are carrying, plus your lethals, for example, if you are carrying a shotgun and an SMG, you will only fully restock the ammo for those weapons.
  • Armor Box – $6000 - This is the same principle as the ammunition box. Armor plates are so crucial to Warzone, and so having as many as possible can really make the difference in winning you a game.

  • Loadout Drop Marker - $10,000 – the most important part of Warzone? The most expensive item available to purchase, but by far the most useful. When thrown, the loadout will allow each player of a team to choose their custom weapons, looting enough cash to buy a loadout should be done as quickly as possible.

Buy Station

Armor Tips

  • Armor plates can be found as ground loot or bought at buy stations. Armor is crucial to Warzone, as armor protects the health points of each player, allowing you to be proactive in gunfights and play more offensively.

  • Armor satchels allow players to increase the maximum amounts of plates they can carry from 5 to 8. Satchels cannot be bought but can be found in rare (orange) chests, or on the bodies of dead players with satchels.

  • Blue armor boxes can also be bought at buy stations, or found in ground loot, and these are more cost-effective and beneficial in quads or trios, as an armor box allows all players of a team to restock armor plates.

In Game Events

These events are random and happen rarely in a game.

  • Fire Sale – Fire sales take 80% off all products at the buy station, excluding the loadout, this is the same as a supply run in terms of sale. But you can make unlimited purchases for one minute, free self-revive kits, free buy-backs for teammates. But be wary, for the minute that fire sales occur, buy stations are swarmed by players, and invite fighting.
  • Fire Sale (Rebirth Island) – There will always be a Fire Sale during the third circle collapse of Resurgence games on Rebirth island.

  • Supply Chopper – Eight supply choppers fly around Verdansk in this limited-time mode, they take a considerable amount of ammunition and rockets to bring down, but when they fall, they drop killstreaks, ammo/armor boxes, gas masks, XP, cash. Like fire sales, the fallen supply choppers are havens for fighting, but get there quick and the reward is worth the risk.

  • Jailbreak – Every player either dead, or in the Gulag, will return to Verdansk for free. Even if all players are out of the game and spectating the action, all will return.


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