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Call of Duty: Warzone


Shane Williams

Contracts are one of the best ways of acquiring cash in Call of Duty: Warzone. This allows you to purchase equipment, such as UAVs, Personal Loadouts, Munitions Box and much more.

Contract Icons on the Map.

There is six different types of Contracts that spawn around Verdansk and they split into the following, Bounty, Scavenger, Recon, Most Wanted, Supply Run, and finally Contraband.

#1 Bounty Contracts

These Contracts are identified by a yellow icon. Once you’ve acquired it, you’ll get a random target placed on your map that you’ll need to take down within a certain amount of time. The Targets Team will be alerted if you’re playing Duos, so beware of facing multiple opponents when you approach the target.

If you manage to take down the Target, then you’ll be rewarded with more time on your Contract and the next target will be someone on their team. Finally, if you fail the to track down and kill the target, then they’ll be given the reward.

#2 Scavenger Contracts

Scavenger Contracts are identified by a magnifying glass symbol. These will require you to open three crates within a time limit which is marked on your map as you get each one. Doing this will help you stock up on supplies, money, and better weapons.

#3 Recon Contracts

Recon Contracts are identified by a yellow flag icon. These will require you to stand near a Terminal which will be marked on your map. However, once you reach the Terminal other players will be alerted, so make sure you’re stocked up on armor, ammo and have a decent weapon you’re comfortable with.

Finally, the next circle will be shown on your map, so make head on over the and prepare yourself before the other players arrive.

#4 Most Wanted Contract

Most Wanted Contracts are identified by a crown icon. Upon collecting these you’ll place a bounty on yourself and everyone will know your location. This will last 3 minutes and you’ll be able to revive your entire team and acquire some cash if you survive.

(1 of 2) Accept the Supply Run Contractt

Accept the Supply Run Contractt (left), then head over to the location and open up the Buy Station. (right)

#5 Supply Run Contract

Supply Run Contracts are identified by a Stopwatch icon. Upon collecting this you’ll need to reach the nearest Buy Station with the time limit. If you manage this, then you’ll gain the cash and a discount.

#6 Contraband Contract

Contraband Contracts are an uncommon type of Contract and can be rewarded with blueprints. Upon acquiring it, you’ll need to deliver a certain item to a randomly marked location on the map. As you reach the area you’ll need to call in a chopper to drop off the package to complete the Contract.


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