1) CX-9

The CX-9 is one of the recent SMGs added into Warzone and has been one of the go to weapons due to its good fire rate and easy to handle recoil. However, the reload speed isn’t perfect, but can be made to match its competitors with the right attachments.

How to Unlock

To unlock the CX-9 you’ll need to take out two enemies with a Long Shot using an SMG. However, this could be a pretty changeling to achieve in a Battle Royale, so try dropping into the Muliplayers Hardcore Modes as enemeis will go down a lot faster.

Best Attachments

  1. Barrel - Monolithic Suppressor - This will increase your damage range and will silence your bullets which will stop you from alerting other players.
  2. Stock - CX-FR - This will increase ADS and Movement Speeds.
  3. Underbarrel - Merc Foregrip - This betters your Recoil, but will slightly decrease ADS and Movement Speed.
  4. Ammunition - 50 Round Drums - This increases your ammo capacity.

2) Milano 821 - Long-range

(1 of 2) Milano 821 (Long-range) w/ Attachments

Milano 821 (Long-range) w/ Attachments (left), Milano 821 (Long-range) in-game (right)

The Milano 821 is a weapon that was first overlooked in Warzone but has recently become a favourite in Verdansk. The weapon’s effectiveness at all ranges sets it apart from other SMGs, as it can be used in short- to mid-range gunfights. You can choose to make the Milano 821 more effective at short- or long-ranges, depending on what you’re pairing it with. I have listed both a short-range, and long-range Milano 812 build. Enjoy!

How to Unlock

Once you have levelled up to Level 13 in Warzone, the Milano 821 is all yours.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Sound Suppressor – This will increase your bullet velocity, but reduce your damage range, meaning your bullets will travel further but pack less of a punch. Don’t worry, your other attachments will make up for this.

  2. Barrel – 10.5“ Ranger – This further increases your bullet velocity and damage range for long-range fighting.

  3. Optic – Axial Arms 3x– An Optic that is generally used for Assault Rifles, this will allow you to use the Milano 821 as a pseudo-Assault Rifle. A must-have to use the Milano 821 at long-ranges.

  4. Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip – This will help you with your recoil management, particularly at long-ranges where an SMG is usually weak.

  5. Ammunition – STANAG 55 Rnd Drum – The largest magazine possible is crucial for long-range fighting. The loss to ADS time and reload speed is not a disaster as this weapon build is suitable for long-range fighting.

3) Cold War (CW) MP5

(1 of 2) CW MP5 w/ Attachments

CW MP5 w/ Attachments (left), CW MP5 in-game (right)

The MP5 has been a classic SMG throughout the entire Call of Duty franchise. Throughout Warzone, the Modern Warfare MP5 has been a great and reliable option as an SMG. Yet, in the last several months, the Cold War MP5 has trumped its rival, and become a quick and effective weapon for close- to mid-range gunfights.

How to Unlock

To Unlock the Cold War (CW) MP5, you need to reach Level 4 in either Cold War, or Warzone. This will take only a couple of matches, allowing you to rank the gun up quickly to unlock the best, and most effective attachments.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Agency Suppressor – This will keep you silenced and therefore off the map, whilst easing the vertical and horizontal recoil. This makes the CW MP5 an incredibly reliable option for close-quarter fighting.

  2. Barrel – 9.5“ Reinforced Heavy – This will increase bullet velocity, meaning your bullets hit harder when you hit your targets. The increased recoil this attachment gives is balanced by the Agency Suppressor.

  3. Underbarrel – Bruiser Grip – This will also help you with recoil control, as the CW MP5 is more difficult than other SMGs in this list. But, once controlled after getting used to the weapon, the CW MP5 is a brilliant SMG.

  4. Laser – Ember Sighting Point – This will increase your ADS speed, meaning you can quickly focus in on your enemies before pulling the trigger.

  5. Ammunition - STANAG 50 Rnd Drum – Allows you to have maximum ammunition for fighting several players at once. The minor limitation to movement speed is not a problem as almost all SMGs have superior mobility than other weapons.

4) MAC-10

(1 of 2) MAC-10 w/ Attachments

MAC-10 w/ Attachments (left), MAC-10 in-game (right)

The MAC-10 is a really fun and quick SMG to use in Warzone. It has the fastest fire-rate of any SMG in the game, and although the recoil is high, it is considerably easier to control than other SMGs. A brilliant choice for beginner and advanced players, the MAC-10 will allow you to move and kill opponents quickly, exactly what an SMG should be.

How to Unlock

The unlock level for the MAC-10 is tier 15 on the Battle Pass. Or you need to kill 2 or more players rapidly, using SMGs, in 15 different matches. This is fairly easy, but equally, the Battle Pass is worth the investment to unlock the MAC-10.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Agency Suppressor – As always, this will keep you off of enemy radars and ease horizontal and vertical recoil. With the MAC-10, this is crucial in controlling the weapons extremely high fire-rate.

  2. Barrel – 5.9“ Task Force – Compared to other barrels, this is quite small, but this suits the MAC-10’s agile nature and will allow you to engage enemies in close- to mid-range gunfights really well.

  3. Laser – Tiger Team Spotlight – This laser dramatically increases movement and ADS speed, helping you move in an agile way around Verdansk.

  4. Stock – Raider Stock – This gives the MAC-10 stability and helps you control the vertical and horizontal recoils. This is particularly useful when you are moving so quickly with the weapon.

  5. Ammunition – STANAG 53 Rnd Drum – The maximum bullets is crucial for the MAC-10, as its extremely high fire-rate will burn through your ammo very quickly. A must have.

5) Milano 821 - Short-range

(1 of 2) Milano 821 (Short-range) w/ Attachments

Milano 821 (Short-range) w/ Attachments (left), Milano 821 (Short-Range) in-game (right)

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Agency Suppressor – Silences the weapon so you don’t appear on enemy radars, as well as helping with the vertical and horizontal recoil of the weapon. This attachment also increases damage range and bullet velocity of the Milano 821 for close-quarter fighting.

  2. Barrel – 10.5“ Ranger – Increases movement speed, bullet velocity and damage range. This will make the Milano 821 more powerful in gunfights, as well as reducing both vertical and horizontal recoil.

  3. Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip – To help with ADS and movement speeds, this underbarrel will help you to aim better in gunfights as well.

  1. Stock – Raider Stock – This Stock will also help with your ADS and movement speed, allowing you to be quicker in drawing your weapon and firing at the enemy.

  2. Ammunition – STANAG 55 Rnd Drum – This is the maximum ammo capacity for the Milano 821, and will not affect your ADS and reload speed as much as with other SMGs. This will allow you to fight longer, particularly helpful in Quads and Trios.


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