Field Upgrades are a great way to give yourself an advantage over other players in Warzone. Available to find as ground loot and dropped when other players are killed, Field Upgrades cannot be bought from Buy Stations. Knowing how and when is best to use the Field Upgrades can help you win a gunfight, get more kills, and even win games.

Acquired cash to purchase field upgrades.

Field Upgrades (In order of Effectiveness)

Order Name
1 Dead Silence
2 Stopping Power Rounds
3 Munitions Box
4 Trophy System
5 Deployable Cover
6 Recon Drone

1) Dead Silence

This Field Upgrade ensures your footsteps are significantly quitter than usual for a brief period of time. This can allow you to creep up on opponents and run around them without them hearing you. A very useful tool to fight teams who are camping a roof or a room, Dead Silence is an overpowered way to get yourself some easy kills.

2) Stopping Power Rounds

This provides you a full magazine of bullets that have increased power and inflict extra damage to your enemies and their vehicles or equipment. The weapon you choose to use the Stopping Power Rounds will hold the rounds, so if you choose to change weapon you will lose your powerful rounds.

(1 of 2) Purchase a Munitions’ Box for $4,500.

Purchase a Munitions’ Box for $4,500. (left), then drop it on the floor and hold square/x to refill ammo. (right)

3) Munitions Box

The Munitions Box, which can be purchased at Buy Stations is both a Killstreak and a Field Upgrade. Finding a Munitions Box is a cheap and efficient way to restock your ammunition, lethals and tacticals. This Field Upgrade is even more useful if you are playing in a team, as one box can restock everyone.

4) Trophy System

The Trophy System is a defence system that destroys enemy grenades, other tacticals and lethals. Using a Trophy System is a great and free way to defend yourself against enemy players if they are pushing you. The Trophy System does not work on enemy bullets but can protect you and your team when travelling in a vehicle

5) Deployable Cover

The Deployable Cover does what you might imagine and provides a protective metal wall against enemy bullets. You can use the cover as a defence, to cover yourself as you move out of an area, or to use as a wall to mount your weapon on. The Cover will break if the enemy fires at it for a significant period of time, but the Deployable Cover is useful to hold as it can help you in moments you might not anticipate.

6) Recon Drone

This allows you to pilot a small recon drone that can live-mark enemy players. The Recon Drone has a thermal scope that is an easier way to spot your enemies. You can live-mark them for your teammates whilst you control the drone. The drone can be shot down by enemy players, and it does have limited health and time to use.


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