Marksman and Sniper Rifles allow players to engage enemies at the furthest distances of any weapons in Warzone. They also have the strongest damage of weapons, meaning a headshot can remove all armour plates and down an enemy, whereas an SMG might take five or six headshots. The following list includes both Marksman and Sniper Rifles. Whilst Marksman Rifles are more mobile and generally less able as Sniper Rifles to hit targets at distance, both types of weapons generally have the same advantages of high damage output and long-range effectiveness.

1) Swiss K31

Swiss K31 w/ Attachments

The Swiss K31 is an excellent weapon that has great accuracy, low recoil, and extremely quick movement with the following attachments. Using the Swiss K31 is a lot of fun in Warzone and is slightly different to other Marksman and Sniper Rifles in that it can be as effective at short- to mid-ranges than it can be at long-ranges. Understanding and controlling the bullet drop will come naturally to you as you use the gun more frequently.

How to Unlock

You must get 2 or more headshot kills in 15 different completed matches using any of the sniper rifles available. Whether you pick this up as ground loot, from an enemy player, or from your loadout, this shouldn’t take you too long to achieve.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Sound Moderator – This attachment will increase bullet velocity, sprint to fire and ADS speed, meaning you can use the Swiss K31 more aggressively. Sound suppression is added too.

  2. Barrel – 24.9“ Combat Recon – This also increases bullet velocity and allows you to take on targets from a distance more easily and effectively.

  3. Laser – SOF Target Designator – This will further improve the ADS speed, allowing you to use the Swiss K31 as more of a marksman rifle than a sniper rifle. In other words, the quicker ADS speed will allow you to take quicker shots more often.

  4. Ammunition – 7 Rnd – 7 rounds will allow you to take on several players at once. This is particularly useful both in long-range and short-range fights, as if you can down an opponent, quickly finishing them and their team is crucial in Warzone.

  5. Rear Grip – Serpent Wrap – This will increase your ADS speed again, allowing the Swiss K31 to be an incredibly useful and effective weapon at all ranges, excluding extremely close ranges, of course.

2) Kar98k

Kar98k w/ Attachments

The Kar98k has been one of the most popular and effective weapons for the entirety of Warzones history. The ability to use the Kar98k as both a short- to mid-range weapon as well as a traditional long-range sniper means you can cover almost all distances to fight at. Pairing this with an SMG, Assault Rifle, or Shotgun will ensure you have fun in Warzone.

How to Unlock

Level 33 for this one.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor – Increases damage range and bullet velocity, allowing you to reach targets at long-range effectively. As always, the Monolithic Suppressor takes you off of enemy radars too.

  2. Barrel – Singuard Custom 27.6“ – Further increase bullet velocity and damage range, this barrel will ensure you maximise the capabilities of the weapon.

  3. Laser – Tac Laser – This will give you faster ADS speed and better accuracy to hit your targets. Whilst the laser will be visible for enemies to see, the increased accuracy will definitely be worth it.

  4. Optic – Variable Zoom Scope –Although this optic has the highest level to unlock (level 50) for the Kar98k, it allows you use two different scopes in one attachment. Varying between 3.0x and 5.6x is perfect in order to allow you to fight effectively at all ranges. This scope does come with a decrease to ADS but the ability to fight at different ranges is far superior.

  5. Stock – FTAC Sport Comb – This will increase your ADS and sprint to fire speed, making up for the loss with the optic. This will balance out the other attachments’ downsides.

3) SP-R 208

SP-R 208 w/ Attachments

The SP-R 208 is an incredibly accurate weapon, that is perfect for long-ranges. The sniper is a more classic one that requires accuracy and patience, and is paired perfectly by a more mobile weapon, like an SMG.

How to Unlock

Using either a marksman or sniper rifle, you need to get 2 longshot kills that are headshots, in five different matches in either Modern Warfare Multiplayer, or Warzone.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor– Increasing damage range and bullet velocity, as well as keeping you off of enemy radars, the Monolithic Suppressor is a must-have for this build.

  2. Barrel – SP-R 26“ – This barrel will dramatically increase your accuracy and damage at range, meaning you will not have to adjust your shots as much for bullet drop time.

  3. Laser – Tac Laser – To increase ADS speed, the Tac Laser will be useful in order to finish your opponent after the first shot. Ensuring you can eliminate players when they are downed, and take on multiple enemies at once at distance is where the SP-R 208 comes into its element.

  4. Optic – Solozero SP-R 28mm – This is a 7x magnification scope, meaning your targets will be easier to view at range. Pairing this sniper (with this scope) with a close- to short-range SMG or Assault Rifle will allow you to protect yourself in close-quarter gunfights.

  5. Ammunition – .338 Lapua Mag 5-R Mag – This also increases the weapon’s effective damage range and bullet velocity, meaning your shots will still inflict powerful damage onto opponents at range.

4) ZRG 20mm

ZRG 20mm w/ Attachments

The ZRG 20mm is a high bullet velocity, long-range sniper that is very similar to the Barret .50 calibre from Modern Warfare II. This weapon is pretty slow and heavy to operate, but if you can find and hit your targets, there is no better sniper rifle for long-ranges.

How to Unlock

Using any of the sniper rifles, you need to earn 2 Longshot medals in 10 complted, different matches.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Agency Suppressor – This will help you with controlling the vertical and horizontal recoil of the weapon. This is particularly useful at long-ranges when using the ZRG 20mm. And, of course, the Agency Suppressor will keep you off of enemy radars when firing.

  2. Barrel – 43.9“ Combat Recon – This will significantly improve the weapon’s bullet velocity meaning you can hit targets in the far distance, without needing to worry a lot about bullet drop time.

  3. Underbarrel – Bruiser Grip – This also adds to vertical and horizontal recoil control, allowing you to be more accurate with your shots. This is most important at the furthest ranges that this sniper is possible of hitting.

  4. Ammunition – 5 Rnd – The default ammunition for the ZRG 20mm is only a small magazine of 3 rounds. Ensuring you have 5 will allow you to fire at multiple targets in quick succession, particularly important when enemies are at range and can escape with more ease.

  5. Rear Grip – Airborne Elastic Wrap – This gives the weapon better ADS speed and helps control the recoils once more, but this does come at the cost of a reduction to movement and sprint to fire speed. This is not a problem however, as the ZRG 20mm is a sniper to use at mid- to long-ranges, not for close- and short-ranges.

5) LW3 Tundra

LW3 Tundra w/ Attachments

This weapon has excellent bullet velocity, meaning you can engage targets effectively at long-ranges. It has great accuracy but is very tricky to use at mid- to short-ranges, in a similar way to the ZRG 20mm, meaning it is less flexible compared to some of the other sniper rifles in this list.

How to Unlock

The unlock level for the LW3 Tundra is level 25.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle – Wrapped Suppressor – This will help with both horizontal and vertical recoil control, whilst slightly reducing ADS speed and bullet velocity. These negatives will be rectified with other attachments.

  2. Barrel – 29.1“ Combat Recon – The barrel massively increases bullet velocity and damage range that was lost with the muzzle, so hitting your targets at distance will be far easier.

  3. Stock – SAS Combat Stock – This provides quicker movement and ADS speed but does negatively affect hip fire accuracy. Hip fire accuracy is almost entirely irrelevant for a sniper rifle, whereas increased ADS speed will allow you to take on more opponents in a single gunfight.

  4. Rear Grip – Airborne Elastic Wrap – This will give you further recoil control and quicker ADS speed, allowing the LW3 Tundra to feel quicker and more mobile.

  5. Ammunition – 7 Rnd – This is the most rounds possible for the weapon, and this will be needed as most enemies will need at least 2 shots to be downed and eliminated.


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