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Call of Duty: Warzone

Salt Mine

Ben Chard

This page is a guide for everything you need to know about the named location, Salt Mine, situated in Verdansk North. Here you’ll find out what Vehicles, Contracts and good hiding spots to help you achieve that victory!

Salt Mine is situated in Verdansk North.


Like the Military Base, the Sale Mine is a smallish area located in the north east of Verdansk and features a large stretch of roads followed by a small cluster of buildings. Outside of this small cluster, a lot of the makeup of this area are all open fields which make any target ripe for the picking, unless you’re confident with your shooting, you’ll want to avoid heading to any of these areas. There is a watchtower located to the far northeast which can be useful for expert snipers, however the odds of the ring closing in on this location quickly means you won’t be able to setup for long.

If you’re here for loot, then stay out of the outer areas as the quality tends to be on the lower end. Venture into the mine itself, especially the central section warehouses of the railyard and you’ll find plenty of high quality loot, some of the best available in the entirety of Verdansk North. That does come with a caveat however, plenty of players who head for Salt Mine will make this their primary location meaning that you’ll often be fighting it out for the goods, so you’ll want to be useful in a firefight if you head there at any time it’s featured within the ring.

With that said, if you’re heading to Salt Mine, the only place of value are the areas mentioned above and with that, comes the expectation of a lot of fighting. If you’re more of a player that likes to hide and pick your targets more carefully, consider heading to other areas or only heading here when it’s not featured within the main ring. Additionally, there’s no opportunity to snag a Helicopter here, although there are plenty of other land vehicles on offer at this site.

(1 of 3) The Railyard is one of the better areas to aim for here

Points of Interest

Due to the size and location of Military Base, there are no specific Points of Interest. The Salt Mine itself acts as a general location for which all other points are addressed for this area.

Buy Stations

Buy Stations are your best friend in Warzone as they allow you to purchase lots of useful stuff like UAVs which will show other players location on your mini-map, Muntitions Box to restore your Ammo, Gas Masks to prevent you from die from the closing ring.

Despite the small size of Salt Mine, there are still five Buy Stations scattered around the area and you’ll find them in the following locations:

  • At the Loading Yard along the northern stretch of roads.
  • Further southwest along the road from the previous Buy Station.
  • At the Central Section Warehouse of the Railyard.
  • Near the warehouse along the southern road.
  • At the cabin to the east of the Railyard.


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