Every game of Call of Duty Warzone will include players of varying competencies and skills. Due to skill-based-matchmaking (SBMM), you will largely be playing with players who have similar abilities with a weapon in hand. But there are several tips and tricks you can take advantage of to give yourself a competitive advantage in Warzone.

Setup your loadout before entering the match.

Game Mechanics of a Battle Royale

• The game begins with all players jumping out of a plane (similarly to Fortnite or PUBG), and your first task is to choose the best place to land.

• There are several options in this respect – you can locate a contract and pursue that, you can choose a part of the map you know well, or you can hang in the air and wait to see where others go, choosing to ignore or pursue this if you would like.

• When you land, the first thing to do is find weapons, armour, contracts, and cash.

• Staying alive is crucial throughout the game, and a fundamental part of this is staying within the ‘zone’ – the gas circles will push players into a more concentrated area.

• If you die, you have one chance to fight in the Gulag. If you win, you return to Verdansk, but if you lose you can be bought back for cash by players in Verdansk.

(1 of 2) Land on the outer edge of the circle to avoid large crowds of players

Land on the outer edge of the circle to avoid large crowds of players (left), then look for contracts and cash to allow you purchase your personal loadout. (right)

• Buy stations allow you to buy killstreaks, armour, your teammates back into Verdansk, and crucially, loadouts (I would have a page describing every item available to purchase at the buy station and how best/when to use these).

• Loadout drops are a way to use your own modified guns and perks (another page describing these – weapons + perks) – modified weapons have far superior damage, range, speed etc than ground loot weapons.

• The Battle Royale is won when one team/player remains.

How to Play More Competently

• Dropping into areas in the centre of the zone, where lots of contracts spawn, and where there is lots of loot is a high-risk high-reward strategy. For beginner players, drop in remote areas to find loot and gather better guns for fighting.

• Armour is key. Finding armour plates and armour satchels is crucial to winning fights, as these give you more time to shoot opponents whilst they are engaging you. Armour allows you to fight more aggressively.

• When playing duos/trios/quads – stick together – safety in numbers is very true in Verdansk, you don’t need to follow each other into every room, but being spread across the map will lead to 1v4 situations.

Weapon Tips

• Knowing and learning the meta (the best guns currently in the game) – copy these, the more you use a gun, the more levels you achieve and thus the more attachments you unlock. These attachments, in short, get better the further you use the gun.

• Using weapons that compliment each other – using two snipers leaves you vulnerable for close-range combat, whilst running a shotgun and a sub-machine gun leaves you unable to fight long-range.


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