Travelling and exploring around Verdansk does not have to be completed on foot, and vehicles provide a quicker and often more fun alternative. Using vehicles is a risk as enemies are alerted to your position, but they are crucial to completing contracts, rushing enemies, and escaping opponents.

Vehicle Tips

SUV in Warzone

Vehicle Health

When you are using a vehicle in Verdansk, this will appear on enemy radars. Vehicles are also very loud and are not stealthy, quiet modes of transport. Instead, they draw attention and can often be a quick ride to your death. Enemies can launch rockets, bullets, or grenades at your vehicle, and this rapidly reduces the health of your ride. Every vehicle in Verdansk has a health meter to allow you to know when to jump ship, when the message reads ‘critical damage’ you know it is time to get out of there.

Swapping Seats

This has various uses depending on the numbers of your team. In Solos, switching seats can be an effective, but risky, strategy to put on armour plates, shoot an enemy, or call in a UAV whilst moving, for example.

Swapping Seats in a Helicopter

When engaging an enemy, it can be useful to switch seats as your opponent will most likely shoot at the driver’s seat, and this can give you an edge in a gunfight. In Duos, this strategy also applies. But, in Trios, the use of changing seats is limited and in Quads, it is not possible.

Trophy Systems

The Trophy System Field Upgrade is an effective tool to prevent enemy rockets and lethal equipment in Warzone. Carefully throwing the Trophy System onto, or into, a vehicle will allow you to deflect any attempts to destroy your vehicle. This strategy does not prevent enemy bullets from hitting you or your teammates when in transit.



(1 of 2) Motorbike

Motorbike (left), Motorbike when driving (right)

The motorbike is lively and somewhat erratic to operate. Yet the vehicle is very nimble and able to squeeze through small gaps, making the motorbike a viable option to escape, or fit through Verdansk’s narrow buildings and structures. Only two players can be seated on the vehicle, but more can jump on like the ATV.

ATV - All Terrain Vehicle

A quick and lively vehicle that is useful to travel across Verdansk. The ATV has no protection and if enemies fire at you it could be a quick death. The vehicle can carry two seated players, and additional players can jump on top of the vehicle, although do so at your own risk.

Tactical Rover

(1 of 2) Tac Rover

Tac Rover (left), Tac Rover when driving (right)

A strong and quick vehicle that is agile and provides protection for players within the Rover. This can be used as a great getaway vehicle, or to travel to fight across Verdansk. You can jump on top of the vehicle to get a better view or just for fun, and four players can enter the vehicle at once. The Rover is faster than the ATV but is more erratic.

SUV - Sports Utility Vehicle

(1 of 2) SUV

SUV (left), SUV when driving (right)

The SUV provides greater protection than the Tactical Rover but is slightly slower and clunkier. The car is stronger and can withhold more shots than the Tactical Rover or ATV, but bullets can still penetrate through the vehicle, damaging you and your team, so be prepared when driving through Verdansk!

Cargo Truck

(1 of 2) Cargo Truck

Cargo Truck (left), Cargo Truck when driving (right)

The Cargo Truck (better known in Verdansk as the Bertha), is the strongest vehicle to absorb enemy fire and rockets. The Cargo Truck is a brilliant and overpowered tool to be successful in Solos, as the driver’s seat is almost entirely shielded. For your passengers, they have no seat, but they can stand, lie prone, or crouch in the back of the Cargo Truck. Beware however, enemy players can also enter the vehicle, whereas the other vehicles they cannot when one of your team is at the wheel.


(1 of 2) Helicopter

Helicopter (left), Helicopter when driving (right)

The helicopter allows you and your team to fly across Verdansk in style, evading enemy teams, completing contracts quickly, and quickly landing on teams to attack them. The helicopter can be shot down with missiles or regular weapons, but a helicopter allows all passengers to jump out of the vehicle and parachute to safety (depending on height of course).


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