Assault Rifles are perhaps the most important weapons in Warzone. AR’s can be better-equipped to fight at short-ranges or long-ranges, depending on your play style. The following five AR’s will take time and practice to unlock all the attachments but will provide you with advantages over your opponents. Try using these weapons and adjusting the attachments to suit your playstyle.

1) FARA 83

(1 of 2) FARA 83 w/ Attachments

FARA 83 w/ Attachments (left), FARA 83 in-game (right)

How to Unlock

You’ll need to get two headshot kills with an AR in Warzone or Multiplayer.

A fully automatic assault rifle, this weapon has a great fire rate and accuracy, meaning if you hit your target, you will damage them more than other weapons will. The FARA 83 is brilliant for short to mid-range distances, and the following weapon attachments will make it as strong as it can be at long-range distances too. The attachments also decrease vertical and horizontal recoil, as well as making it as quick and comfortable to use.
The FARA 83 is a great weapon for all ranges, so don’t be afraid to use it in close-quarter fighting, as well as mid- and long-range gunfights.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle - GRU Suppressor - Gives you the best accuracy for long-range, fastest time-to-kill, and keeps you off enemy radars.

  2. Barrel - 19.5“ Liberator - This will give you a greater accuracy in long-range fights and does not increase recoil as much as other barrels.

  3. Optic - Axial Arms 3x - A great optic to allow you to track and target your opponents. The aim-down-sight (ADS) speed is good but not the best. The FARA 83’s ADS speed is lacking, but the zoom on the optic will make up for this and allow you to be effective at range. The other attachments on the weapon also create high hip-fire accuracy, meaning if a gunfight occurs at very-close range, not looking down the optic is a safe option to kill your enemy.

  4. Underbarrel - Spetsnaz Grip - This makes the weapon easier to control and to aim whilst firing. Reducing recoil is essential at mid- to long-range fighting.

  5. Ammunition - Spetsnaz 60 Round- The highest magazine size, this will allow you to maximise the weapons output, and give you more opportunity to kill, should you miss.

2) C58

(1 of 2) C58 w/ Attachments

C58 w/ Attachments (left), C58 in-game (right)

How to Unlock

You must reach level 15 of the Battle Pass, or by purchasing blueprints in the store. There is no specific challenge to unlock this weapon.

An automatic, high-damage assault rifle, the C58 is a great option for Warzone’s large open spaces. The weapon’s low-fire rate makes it slightly flawed in close gunfights, but excellent in mid- and long-range fighting due to its incredibly high-damage output. A very easy weapon to control, the C58 will allow you to punish enemies who give you even a single second to take a shot at them.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle - Agency Suppressor - Maximises damage range meaning you can inflict greater damage on your enemies at further ranges. Also helps with vertical recoil.

  2. Barrel - 18.5“ Task Force - Offers great bullet velocity, reduces recoil, and increases damage range. This does reduce your ADS and movement speed, but this is almost irrelevant as the C58 is not a close-range hip-fire weapon.

  3. Optic - Axial Arms 3x - Excellent scope for mid- to long-range fighting, allowing you to track and precisely hit your targets.

  4. Underbarrel - Field Agent Grip - Faster ADS speed, movement speed, and allows you to use the C58 more aggressively and effectively in mid-range gunfights.

  5. Ammunition - 45 Rnd Drum - Although you can choose 50 or 55-round drums, the 45 round hinders less on your ADS and movement speeds. Pairing the 55-round magazine with the 18.5“ Task Force Barrel would make the weapon and its mobility extremely slow and lethargic. The 45 rounds also provide a quicker reload time.

3) XM4

(1 of 2) XM4 w/ Attachments

XM4 w/ Attachments (left), XM4 in-game (right)

How to Unlock

Level 4, so an easy one to get started. The XM4 is a popular weapon so you may find it on the bodies of dead players, as well as in ground loot.

An incredibly versatile weapon in Verdansk. The high-fire rate allows the weapon to be extremely powerful at close- and mid-ranges. The XM4 is often paired with a sniper, as it is extremely effective at short-range, taking the place of an SMG or Shotgun.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle - Agency Suppressor - Increases the damage range, this is a must-have with the XM4 as its recoil makes it largely ineffective at long-ranges. The agency suppressor also helps with vertical recoil control, allowing you to effectively eliminate targets at close- to mid-range.

  2. Laser - Tiger Team Spotlight - This gives you better movement speed and ADS speed. This will allow you to fight more effectively at close ranges, moving quickly around the map, and profiting on enemies who are using other Assault Rifles.

  1. Rear Grip - Serpent Grip - The XM4, like every weapon in Warzone, has its own iron sight, and its iron sight is very easy to use. The Serpent Grip gives you faster movement and ADS speed, allowing the XM4 to feel like an Assault Rifle, and an SMG.If you need to, an excellent Optic to use is the Microflex LED that offers quick ADS and is great for short- to mid-range opponents.

  2. Stock - Raider Pad - Provides further mobility, allowing quick movement and ADS speed for use with the XM4. The Raider Pad also offers good stability for recoil as the XM4 can be somewhat erratic, toning your weapon to reduce recoil is crucial to effective targeting of opponents.

  3. Ammunition - 45 Rnd- This magazine will allow you to use the XM4 both as an Assault Rifle and an SMG. The 45-round magazine is useful for this weapon as its high fire rate will race through the ammunition rapidly.

4) AK 47

How to Unlock

Level 7, another weapon that can be quickly unlocked and used.

A Call of Duty classic - the AK 47 is a fully automatic assault rifle with extremely high damage but a considerably slower fire rate than the aforementioned weapons. In short, this means if you hit your target, you will significantly damage their health, but an opponent carrying a weapon with a faster fire-rate will have the edge over you in close, and mid-range encounters.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle - Suppressor - Gives you a little more mobility than the GRU Suppressor can. This is important with a weapon that is somewhat lethargic and clunky, mobility is key across Verdansk and particularly Rebirth Island, so bearing this in mind is important when selecting attachments. The GRU suppressor will increase bullet velocity and damage, but this is hardly needed with the rest of this loadout for the hard-hitting AK 47.

  2. Barrel - Spetsnaz RPK Barrel - The barrel offsets the Muzzle and reduces movement and mobility but increases damage range, bullet velocity and reduces recoil. This is very similar across the loadouts in Warzone, often two attachments are used to nullify the damaging effects of one another whilst gaining the benefits.

  3. Optic - Axial Arms 3x - The most reliable, useful scope for Cold War Assault Rifles. This will allow you to maximise your output with the AK 47, both at mid- and long-ranges. The AK 47 is excellent when mounted to walls or on ridges, and thus the Axial Arms 3x allows you to see your opponents in the distance and hit your targets.

  4. Underbarrel - Spetsnaz Grip - Provides further horizontal and vertical recoil, allowing for smooth and easy use of the weapon. This does reduce ADS and movement speed, but allows for increases accuracy and control, two features which are perfect for successfully hitting opponents at long ranges.

  5. Ammunition - 45 Round - This magazine will allow you to maximise your output and take down as many enemies as you can. For mid- to long-range targets, 45 round magazines are very useful as the AK 47’s low fire-rate can allow you to bombard enemies at distance with fire, preventing them from escaping your efforts.

5) CR-56 AMAX

(1 of 2) CR-56 AMAX w/ Attachments

CR-56 AMAX w/ Attachments (left), CR-56 AMAX in-game (right)

How to Unlock

You need to get 3 gunbutt kills with an Assault Rifle in 10 different matches - this is essentially 3 melee kills whilst holding an assault rifle. This is easier to complete in the Plunder Game Mode, or in Multiplayer modes.

Essentially a fast-firing AK-47, the AMAX is an excellent Assault Rifle to use in Warzone. The weapon has gentle recoil that is easy to recoil with practice, fire-rate, and excellent mobility as an Assault Rifle. Using the following attachments will enable you to use this weapon effectively at all ranges, particularly at mid- to long-range.

Best Attachments

  1. Muzzle - Monolithic Suppressor - Keep you hidden off the radar, as well as increasing the weapon’s damage range. Movement speed and ADS steadiness are reduced with the Monolithic Suppressor, but the AMAX is an incredibly mobile weapon to use anyway.

  2. Barrel - XRK Zodiac S440 - This helps with further recoil control, increasing damage range, and bullet velocity. The AMAX is excellent when mounted and firing at targets at distance, so ensuring damage range and recoil control are maximised is key.

  3. Optic - VLK 3.0x Optic - This provides you with a great zoom down-sight for the weapon, allowing you to hit those targets at range. Tracking opponents is key to ensure accuracy and having an optic that allows this helps dramatically. The optic really suits the AMAX’s powerful bullet velocity and quick movement speed.

  4. Underbarrel - Commando Foregrip - This helps with recoil and aiming stability, allowing you to reach those targets at distance and control the recoil of the weapon. The AMAX is an incredibly accurate weapon and will only take a dozen or so bullets to kill your target. This makes the Time-to-Kill (TTK) extremely high for the AMAX, hence aiming stability, control, and accuracy are so important to this loadout.

  5. Ammunition - 45 Round - This will allow you to focus on as many enemies as you can at one given time. The reload speed is quick, and 45 rounds means you can down or even eliminate one or two players with one clip.


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