Launchers are extremely powerful weapons that are the most effective way to destroy vehicles and flush enemies out of buildings or rooms. Devastating at close-ranges, Launchers are useful weapons to carry in Verdansk.


Overview of the RPG-7.

A classic Rocket Launcher throughout the Call of Duty franchise and other shooter games, the RPG-7 is an erratic but highly powerful Launcher to use in Warzone. The RPG-7 does not require you to lock-on to targets or enemy vehicles, meaning you are at the mercy of its erratic recoil but extremely high damage.

It is an excellent weapon to use to destroy vehicles, and apply pressure to enemies when they are camping a room or building. The RPG-7 is a useful weapon to have in your squad as it gives you an advantage over enemies if you are being pushed by several players at one time.

How to Unlock

The RPG-7 is unlocked at Level 44.


Overview of the PILA.

The PILA is a surface-to-air missile that also allows you to fire without locking-on. The PILA can be used to force enemies out of areas and vehicles.

The PILA is more difficult to use than the RPG-7, but does guarantee higher damage output. The ADS and movement speed, like with any Launcher is slow, but more so with the PILA than other Launchers.

How to Unlock

The PILA is unlocked at Level 1.


Overview of the Strela-P.

The Strela-P is a launcher that fires a rocket at an incredibly fast speed and velocity. This takes some time to get used to, but the effectiveness this can have is devastating for your opponents.

An incredibly high-damage and high-range launcher, the Strela-P is an excellent weapon to use upon vehicles at range, as well as forcing enemies out of buildings and rooms across Verdansk.

How to Unlock

The Strela-P is unlocked at Level 17.


Overview of the JOKR.

The JOKR is a lock-on missile launcher which can destroy enemy targets and vehicles accurately and efficiently.

Using the JOKR is largely ineffective for buildings and rooms, as the missile fires upwards before it comes down again. Thus, if you were to use it against an enemy in a building it would hit any building in your way and deal damage to you. Where the JOKR can be most useful besides vehicles, is in its ability to hit specific targets. If you are to aim on a site, or part of the map where enemies are, on a loadout for example, the JOKR can have devastating effects.

How to Unlock

The JOKR is unlocked at Level 35.


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