Blacksmiths also sell items, upgrades etc but they’re also there to upgrade your weapons, repair any broken gear and some of them will even give you a unique weapon in return for a Boss soul (and some regular souls, naturally).

Blacksmith Lenigrast

Seriously, there are MASSIVE holes in his house and he can’t get in because of a single door. Couldn’t he pick the lock at the very least!?

Location: Sitting frustratingly as he’s locked out his own house (which - it should be noted - has broken walls and open windows). Regardless, you need to buy the key to his house from Merchant Hag Melentia and open the door for him (then rest at the bonfire to get him to start working) .

What he offers: He’ll sell some weapons, there’s also a free bow in a wooden chest inside his house, but his primary functions are to upgrade your weapons/armor and repair any broken gear (all for a cost).

Steady Hand McDuff

Reload if the barrel is destroyed or doesn’t explode properly when you use a firebomb to detonate it at the wall.

Location: Behind a locked gate (and breakable wall) in the Lost Bastille. You can use the explosive barrel (at the top of the stairs where the Undead Jailer stands) to break open the wall leading to a hidden bonfire and an open entrance to McDuff’s workshop.

What he sells: Apart from selling infinite arrows (most varieties), he also sells a few weapons and unlimited Titanite shards. But his most unique feature is the fact that he can ‘infuse’ weapons with a new power (such as bleed, poison or lightening for example).

However, there’s a big catch to all this. He won’t do anything useful until you find him a Dull Ember (found in Iron Keep). Once you have this (its exact location is in our guide later on); bring it back to him and he’ll start working on it.

Weaponsmith Ornifex

[Left]: The acid-filled underground tunnel where her cell is and [Right]: This is the entrance to her workshop.

Location: Trapped in a locked room underground in the Shaded Woods . You need a spare Branch of Yore and then from the second bonfire (just after the forest), jump to the ledge opposite the bonfire itself. Use it on the stone Lion Clan Warrior here and once it’s dead it’ll drop the Fang Key you need.

You then need to be very careful as you drop down into the trap that’s located in front of the giant Basilisk just up ahead. It’s filled with puddles of acid that will simply destroy any weapons, armor AND rings you’ve got on you.

There’s also four Basilisks down here too; so you need to be quick when taking them out. Grab the [Twinkling Titanite] from one of the caves then open the locked door to free Ornifex (and DON’T kill her - like loads of players apparently do)!

You finally need to go to her home located just beside the Lower Brightstone Cove Bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora .

What she sells: Apart from some weapons and consumables, her main job is to trade your boss souls for exclusive weapons. She’ll also do her first one for free as a thank-you for saving her from the cell. After that though, you’ll have to pay!

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