This means ALL enemy characters, traps and the human player will be after you at the same time! And… any consumables you use whilst you’re summoned as a ‘Grey Spirit’ are permanently used.

There’s pretty much only three ways to avoid PvP in this area:

  • Go through it hollow and it'll make you much less prone to being summoned.
  • Burn an effigy at the bonfire here.
  • Ignore the area to the right of the bonfire. You'll miss out on a few items (and an optional - and difficult - boss), but it's a **lot** less aggravating than being summoned frequently when you're not bothered.
  • Ignoring the PvP Section for Now

    So if you just want to focus on the story aspect for now, then follow these steps. Once you’ve reached the top you should notice loads of waist-high water everywhere. Clearly this really slows down your movement speed; so you need to be careful not to engage enemies whilst in the deeper water.

    Ahead of you is an armor-clad Primal Knight who has a seriously fearsome reach with his halberd. He can also take a lot of punishment and his giant shield doesn’t help either. Ranged attacks (such as the ever-trusty Throwing Knives) will help as melee-battle should be avoided where possible.

    Once it’s dead, stay in the water and look for a chest. However this is no ordinary chest; it’s a Mimic that will eat you if you try and open it or attack you if you attack it. You can actually tell when a chest is a Mimic chest as it now has a lock on the front (normal chests don’t have a lock on the front of them).

    You can safely ‘disarm’ the chest by throwing a Lloyd’s Talisman at it and it’ll now open up for you and allow you to collect what’s inside! Hooray!

    Once you’ve grabbed the [Dark Leggings] and [Black Scorpion Stinger] from the Mimic chest; head left and inside here you’ll find a Bonfire on the right. Save (spend your souls from beating the boss if you haven’t done so already) and then let’s push onwards!

    Towards Brightstone Cove Tseldora

    Back out in the main area there’s a flight of stairs going up. Kill the Grym Warrior (preferably with a back stab) and then look left for a Grym kneeling in front of a chest. Kill it and open the chest for a pair of [Grym Boots] .

    At the top of the stairs you’ll spot a spiral staircase and - if you’ve been speaking to him in No Man’s Wharf and Harvest Valley - you’ll find that Gavlan will have set up shop her permanently! He’ll also sell unlimited consumables and he’ll still buy all your unwanted items for cash. Gavlan Wheel? Gavlan Deal!

    At the top of the stairs, dash right up to the Grym Warrior as it’ll throw the Greataxes right over your head! So get in there and kill it quickly. There’s also a Blue Crystal Lizard just past him; but you need to be really quick as it’ll jump off the ledge trying to get away otherwise.

    Once you dispatch (or run past) the Grym Warrior waiting for you at the other side of the ravine; just run up the narrow pathway, up the stairs and head outside to reach the next area.

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