Covenants are essentially multiplayer-focused groups that you can join in-game and each group (covenant) has a specific purpose. You can be in a covenant that enjoys focusing on invading and killing other players for fun, and you can join one that defends players against those who enjoy invading and killing other players for fun and more.

As you fulfil more of your set goals within each covenant you’ll rank up and earn a set reward for each of the three ranks you can reach (with rank 3 being the final rank in each covenant).

If you speak to Sweet Shalquoir in Majula then she can give you updates on your progress within a covenant and also allow you to leave and re-join a covenant at any time for free.

Praising the Sun as a ‘Sunbro’ and killing someone who wanted to kill me in their world.

Company of Champions (PvE)

Joining Location: At the top of the hill in Majula (behind the Blacksmith’s house).

What this Covenant Does: Essentially makes the game more difficult by making your attacks 20% less powerful and also prevents you from summoning anyone (but you can still be invaded). Luckily this works offline as it’s mainly single-player focused.

Heirs to the Sun (Co-Op)

Joining Location: Look for a path leading left where the two Mounted Overseers are standing in the green poisonous mist (just below the windmills). Kill the sickle-wielding enemy and then you’ll find the altar in the cave. Kneel here to join the covenant of the ‘Sunbros’.

What this Covenant Does: If you use your White Soapstone it’ll allow you to be summoned as a friendly gold-coloured fighter into someone else’s world. If you then help them beat that level’s boss you’ll earn a ‘Sun Medal’ (the total number of which determines your rank and unlocks).

Way of the Blue (Co-Op)

Joining Location: Speak to Crestfallen Saulden who can be found sitting at the top of the stairs near the bonfire in Majula .

What this Covenant Does: Auto-summons Blue Sentinels (a different covenant) to help you kill anyone who invades your world. The Blue Sentinel can only kill the invader (and so can’t help with any CPU-controlled enemies), but if you happen to land the final blow on the invader then it’s this kill allows you to rank up.

Blue Sentinels (Co-Op & Invasion)

Joining Location: Make sure you have a Token of Fidelity on you first (one can be found in Huntsman’s Copse by dropping off the wooden bridge that leads to the Undead Purgatory ). Now speak to Blue Sentinel Targray in the Cathedral of Blue and he’ll allow you to join.

What this Covenant Does: Allows you to help members of the Way of the Blue covenant if they’re being invaded (be sure to have your Guardian’s Seal ring equipped) or if you use a Cracked Blue Eye Orb as a human you can punish those who have sinned (by invading and killing players or by killing ‘good’ NPC characters in the single-player story).

They can also duel against other Blue Sentinel covenant members by praying at the altars beside the Cathedral of the Blue bonfire (in turn sacrificing a Token of Fidelity ).

Brotherhood of Blood (Invasion)

Joining Location: First you need to have a Token of Spite in your inventory (you can find one in a chest at the bottom of the ladders that lead to The Gutter ); now head to Undead Purgatory and then you need to beat the boss here. Now make your way up the stairs and at the top speak with Titchy Gren .

What this Covenant Does: Allows you to use Cracked Red Eye Orbs or a Red Soapstone to invade other players in the hope of killing them for extra souls. You can also duel against other members of this covenant in return for more Cracked Red Eye Orbs.

Bell Keepers (Invasion)

Joining Location: Use a Pharros Lockstone in Lost Bastille to open up the entrance to Belfry Luna (or open the secret wall in Iron’s Keep to reach the Belfry Sol roof) and speak with the dwarf in either location to join the covenant.

What this Covenant Does: If you put on the ring you’re given you’ll be summoned when someone is running around either area, and your job is to stop them from reaching the boss fog gate alive. In return for killing them you’ll receive a Titanite Chunk every time.

Do note though that you can still be invaded by other Bell Keepers and the regular enemy dwarves in either area will still attack you!

Rat King (Invasion)

Joining Location: Beat either the optional boss of the Grave of Saints or Doors of Pharros areas or the other ‘relevant boss’ (who we won’t spoil this early on). Offer the Rat Tail you get to the Rat King and he’ll allow you to join the Covenant.

What this Covenant Does: By wearing the ring you’re given (and by hanging around either the Grave of Saints or the Doors of Pharros) you will auto-summon any players who happen to be playing through these areas in their own game.

They’ll appear as a gray phantom in your world and as long as you’re in this covenant ALL CPU-controlled characters (such as rats for example) won’t attack you! They will however attack the gray phantom player that you’ve summoned. You can also use Pharros Lockstones in the walls to activate specific traps too!

Dragon Remnants (Invasion)

Joining Location: You need to speak to Magerold of Lanfair in Iron Keep with a Petrified Egg in your inventory and give it to him to join.

What this Covenant Does: You need to obtain Dragon Scales by either killing the golden lizard soldiers in Dragon Shrine or by placing your own dragon summon sign down (or by activating someone else’s dragon seal and beating them in the impending duel). You then take the scales to Magerold in return for an exclusive dragon armor and weapon set.

Pilgrims of Dark (PvE)

Joining Location: You need to find Darkdiver Grandahl in three different locations where he’ll offer you to join and give you the Abyssal Seal ring. You can then enter a special single-player dungeon and make your way to a difficult optional boss.

The three locations are:

  • In *Shaded Ruins* walk into the grass instead of taking a left towards the hill leading to the boss room. You'll fall down into the acid-filled cave below and Grandahl will be here.
  • In *Black Gulch* you need to earn the **Forgotten Key** from the two tough giants found by dropping down off the right-hand ledge (use a torch to see the ledges below). Once you have the key drop back down again for double-doors you can enter and he'll be here.
  • Finally, in *Drangleic Castle* , there's a large rectangular room near the first bonfire that has numerous stone guards either side of six doors. You need to kill a stone guard close to the giant at the very back of the room and open up the top left-hand door. Drop down into a hidden room where you'll find him.
  • **What this Covenant Does:** Opens up an optional series of dungeons (by offering him a **Human Effigy** at each location) and beat the blue phantoms that you face. Only once they're *all* beaten will the dungeon be considered as cleared.

    Once all three dungeons are cleared you can proceed to the boss (who’s one of the more difficult ones to beat in the game). Defeating each dungeon also counts as a rank-up in this covenant.

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