Welcome to Blighttown 2.0 (just with a better framerate).

Look for the direction in which the stone statues at the entrance are facing. This indicates what direction they’ll spit their poison attacks (should you cross into their line of sight).

From the beginning, drop down onto the wooden platform below and then carefully walk right. Continue forwards and drop down a couple of levels until you land near the first bonfire .

From here our main goal is to hug the left-hand side of the level as this is the fastest way through (without employing speedrunning strategies).

Go over the wooden walkway nearby and then go left (just be ready when you fall through the roof and into the room of undead below).

Smash the pot in the corner, turn back a bit and then perform a running jump off the edge and to the platform down below (there’ll be two undead on this new platform).

Quickly light the scone in the top-left corner from where you land and then take out the undead. From here, you can go straight or - if you’ve got the Forgotten Key from the upcoming area Black Gulch - climb up the ladder to your left (near the wall).

If you go up the ladder, clear out all the statues and then open the door with the ring attached. Stand back as the door opens as the room ahead is packed with poison statues! Use ranged weapons to clear it out and smash the pot at the end for the infamous [Havel Armor Set] !

Light the scone at the next area, drop down the square hole and be careful as you move across to the next area as a few undeads will drop down and try to take you out. Also watch out for the Hunting Dog , a red dog with a pretty fierce biting attack.

If you smash the large pots to your right though; you’ll find the [Dark Pyromancy Flame] and [3 x Rotten Pine Resins] . Now make a constant run up the ladders to the top floor.

To the Second - Hidden - Bonfire

At the top you’ll want to look near the pots and then drop off onto a wooden platform on the right. Be very careful of the two poison statues to your right, cross the bridge and very promptly dispose of the Wretch that runs across the wooden bridge.

There’s another dog at the end, so kill it or climb the ladder up on your left. Now empty the wooden chest and then run around the other side. Look down, drop down clear the loot and then jump across to the far ledge (where there’s a pathway).

At the top you’ll find a metal chest with a [Ring of Souls Protection] in it, so grab it and head back to the really long ladder going up. Climb it to the top, climb the next ladder and then jump up on the zip-wire to the other side.

Carefully drop down onto the wooden platform (below and to your right), and then from this rooftop look right and do a running jump over the gap to the ledge with the line of poison statues on it!

Quickly run around the corner and forwards until you see the unlit bonfire in front of you. Light it and heal if needed. Now light the nearby sconces and look for the wood to the left of the nearest poison statue; destroy it and kill the undead at the other side.

Make sure to do a running jump from the platform and then dash to the bonfire to heal. Now break open the weak wall to continue onwards.

To the Black Gulch

The ladder you want to go down is the one hidden just behind the poison statue, but be very careful after sliding down as there’s a couple of ladders here that don’t go all the way down to the bottom (spelling certain death if you try and slide down them).

Once you slide down the next ladder you should be on the ground; but watch out for the sword-swinging undead laying in wait for you! Smash the nearby pots for the spell [Dark Fog] and a [Torch] . Search a pot behind a ladder for a very helpful [20 x Lifegems] and then look for the funny-looking pots in a corner.

Roll through these acid-holding pots without any armor on as so not to damage them! There’s a Fragrant Branch of Yore and the entrance to the Black Gulch waiting for you on the ground at the other side.

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