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Dark Souls II
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Author(s): Andrew Mills
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 05-05-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 01:33 GMT

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Additional Optional Areas

Belfry Luna (Optional)

Be warned that it's very possible to go against two 'Bell Bros' at the same time (AND the dark dwarves if you're on the upper floors)!

Belfry Luna is a small PvP-focused area where members of the Bell Keepers covenant will invade your game as they’re there to 'protect' the bell tower from you - their invader.

The main invasion area here is in the middle and upper floors of the Belfry tower (the floor leading to the boss fight and the upper floor with the boss gate lever). But you can be invaded from any point you’re recognised as being 'in' Belfry Luna.

Note: As you’re a lower priority when hollow; it’s potentially worth going through here hollowed and minimizing your chances of being invaded by a 'Bell Bro'.

You access Belfry Luna via a hidden door in the Lost Bastille (found just after the Ruined Sentinels boss fight) and sliding down the nearby ladder. Use a Pharros Lockstone on the lock on the wall and the hidden wall will light up. Hit it to reveal the entrance to this new area.

Unlock the Boss Gate

You can speak with the Dwarf sitting on the table once you open the door and decide whether you want to join their covenant or not. Either way; proceed up the stairs ahead and be wary of the dark-magic dwarf (he hits hard).

Take him out and grab the [Skeptic’s Spice] from the corpse hanging over the railing. Look for the small hole in the middle of the floor and grab the [Blue Tearstone Ring] from the metal chest and the [Skeptic’s Spice] from the corpse by the door.

Now go back up to the upper floor where there are two more dark dwarves waiting for you (one by the top of the stairs (so be careful). Climb up the tall ladder on the wall and be very vigilant up here as there are four dark dwarves ready to take you down!

You’ll want to immediately pull the lever on the left after climbing the ladder and then either take them out and grab the [Skeptic’s Spice] from the corpse up here; or simply haul ass back down the ladder ASAP. The lever will have removed the gate leading to the boss fog gate.

Note: The upcoming boss(es) are weak to magic (making this an easy fight for magic-users), so melee characters can apply Aromatic Ooze or Dark Pine Resin to their right-hand weapon do deal hefty additional damage. They also breathe fire so it’s worthwhile equipping any fire-resistant rings/armour/shield etc.

Boss Fight - Belrfy Gargoyles

Magic users can rush through this fight; melee-users are advised to play it smart unless they've got loads of magic-based support to hand (such as resins).

Dark Souls 1 players will recognise this encounter straight away. However, additional Gargoyles will activate as the fight goes on (anywhere up to five fighting at any one time). The longer you take, the more Gargoyles that will enter the fray.

  • Whilst speed is important, it's more important to play it safe and not get too greedy.
  • They'll attack with their blades often (physical attacks); so 100% damage reduction shields will work wonders.
  • If you're facing three or more of them then it is worth strafing around them with a shield up (all characters); as you'll start to group them together in the middle of the arena.
  • If you need to heel strafe fast to the far end and quickly chuck an Estus or crush a Lifegem.
  • Roll out of any fire attacks ASAP as they'll do hefty damage to most players (more than their physical attacks as the flames will last and stagger you quickly).
  • Finally, focus on the Gargoyles with the least health (so try and stay locked on to them), as it's a better way to thin the numbers down if it gets crowded up there.


When they’re dead, proceed through to the other side of the tower and then rest at the Bonfire at the end of the wall.

If you slide down the ladder beside you, be wary of not only the numerous Undead Dogs ; but also the CPU-controlled invader that appears too. At the far end you’ll find the [Bastille Key] and the [Enchanted Falchion] on the two corpses. That’s the Belfry Luna area all cleared!

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