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Dark Souls II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Andrew Mills
Editor(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 05-05-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 01:32 GMT

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To Primal Soul 1

Things Betwixt

You’ll start off with no weapons in the 'tutorial' area (where you can naturally die if you’re careless and/or reckless) so be careful to only attack when you’re equipped with an actual weapon (which will be soon enough).

There’s nothing of note in the first area, so run forwards, hang a right at the top of the small slope and look for the [Rusted Coin] sitting on the corpse. Ignore the creatures here (as they’ll gang up on you if you attack one of them enough) and look for the opening opposite the small hill you just came up.

Run over the bridge, enter the house and choose your name, pick your starting class, appearance and choose your starting gift.

Note: The Healing Wares are great for beginners and the Bonfire Ascetics are perfect for those who want to go for New Game + items sooner. The rest aren’t really worth considering; as you can pick them up in the game fairly easily (for the most part).

First thing to do is head upstairs and open the chest for a [Human Effigy] then exit the house and light the game’s first Bonfire (creating a checkpoint and an area to warp back to once you’ve lit more bonfires).

Important! Each torch you collect adds 5 minutes to the overall time you can hold a torch for (the current total being viewable on the main inventory screen). If you stand beside a bonfire you can press Triangle/Y to be given the option to light the torch using the bonfire .

If you head back out to the starting area again, cross over the rope bridge and hang a right (through some bushes).

Be careful when you reach the top of the hill as there’s an Ogre here who can do you serious damage (or kill you in one hit if he tries to eat you). Bait it from behind to force it to try and sit on you; giving you a decent cool down window for you to exploit. Killing it offers you the [Stone Ring] and at the top of the hill there’s the [Gold Pine Resin] on the corpse.

You can get down behind the waterfall by using a hidden pathway near the rope bridge for some [Smooth and Silky Stones] . Make your way back through the house and past the bonfire to the main meat of the tutorial area.

Each fog gate leads to a new area that teaches you the basic moves (if you read the stone statues dotted around) and they mainly have basic enemies here (but they can still kill you if you become complacent).

You can increase your odds of getting a better reward by crushing a Rusted Coin before leaving your Smooth and Silky Stone(s) or Petrified Egg(s) in the nest.

Important! You need to LEAVE the item in the nest for the conversion to take place. Dropping the item will not work!

You can increase your odds of getting a better reward by crushing a Rusted Coin before leaving your Smooth and Silky Stone(s) or Petrified Egg(s) in the nest.

There’s an [Amber Herb] (Restores magic spell use) and a [Cracked Red Eye Orb] (allows you to invade another player’s game) if you go through the right-hand fog gate.

Killing the two Ogres by the water’s edge will make it easier to enter the Sex-Changing Coffin and killing EVERY enemy in the tutorial section (and returning to the house with the Old Firekeepers, then speaking to Housekeeper Millibeth) offers you the chance to collect the otherwise inaccessible [Handmaid’s Ladle] (it’s a weapon believe it or not).

You can also bypass/complete the main tutorial section by running up the pathway and through the tunnel out to the main hub area - Majula .

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