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After the introductory video you are given a small tutorial to help get you started in the world of Albion, and it will be your sister giving it to you. Listen to her and zoom in on Castle Fairfax as she requests. When she runs off follow her and after a brief talk with a shifty-looking chump, continue on to be treated to a scene involving a Trader and magic objects. When you regain control you will have to do some quests for gold.

Watch the scene with the trader (left), then go and chat with Derek (right) to start hunting for warrants!

Go forward and talk to Derek, the guard nearby with the exclamation mark above his head. He will tell you that he has lost five warrants and that you can earn a reward if you return them to him. Head in the direction that he indicates to find Barnum the cameraman, walk up and talk to him and then pose for his photograph. Use any expression you like and you’ll be rewarded with your first gold piece.

Continue down the side alley to see a bully terrorizing a dog. At this point you’ll learn how to use your sword. When the bully’s aura turns red, let him have it.

Keep moving down the street and pick up the first warrant on the ground near the right hand wall. The second warrant is located further along the road ahead of the first one, just to the left of the dumpster. Go up the stairs behind the dumpster and talk to the man here who will ask you to kill beetles in the store house. Agree to do so.

Grab the warrant from the ground in front of the warehouse (left) and accept the task to go inside to kill the beetles (right)

After you enter the storehouse, the sneaky guy Rose talked to earlier will appear in the window and tell you to destroy the trader’s stock. It is your choice, as either way you decide to act you will be given another gold piece for your trouble. You will also receive +/- 2 Morality points depending on your choice.

Go down the stairs and turn right, past the dumpster and you will see the third warrant on the ground in front of the dog and the fourth on the opposite side of the street. Pick both of them up and talk to the arguing couple, they want you to find some misplaced alcohol. Go back past the storehouse and into the alleyway in front of you. There will be a sleeping beggar at the end with the bottle. Walk slowly up to him so you don’t wake him and take the bottle.

Talk to the couple opposite the warehouse (left) and go down the nearby alleyway to find the bottle (right).

Return to the couple and give it to the woman or the man and be rewarded with a gold piece, +/- 3 morality points (depending on who you give it to) and the final warrant. On your way back to Derek, the sneaky guy will appear once again and ask for the warrants. At this point you can either give them to him, or hand them back to the guard who asked for them originally for another gold piece and +/-5 morality points.

Once you have finished with the warrants, another task will appear across the street from the magic items trader. Talk to Monty (the fellow with the exclamation mark above his head) here. He wants you to deliver a letter to his girlfriend. Knock on the door a couple of times and then head in when it opens. Now you can either take the letter upstairs to Belinda or give it to her mother downstairs for the final gold piece and +/- 1 morality point.

Return to the travelling merchant and buy the music box. Follow Rose to a quieter location and use the music box. After a short scene, follow your sister to bed. Sleep and you will be woken in the middle of the night to visit Castle Fairfax. Continue along the set path after your sister and accept the invitation.

After a quick conversation, follow the butler and head into the next room to talk with Lord Lucien. When asked, stand in the circle near the window to complete your childhood with a story scene.

Stand in the glowing circle for a scene to end the prologue.

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The Whippersnapper

A child Hero must collect five gold pieces.

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Welcome ladies and gents to the world of Albion. Join everyone’s favourite chicken chasing hero in a true rags to riches journey of the little Sparrow that could. Become a force for good or a harbinger of evil, build your real estate empire, destroy the bandit threat, conquer the mighty Crucible, gather a likeminded band of heroic allies and appeal to the masses… or murder them in all cold blood. After all the decisions are yours to be made and with Fable II, the world of Albion is your bi-valve mollusc.

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