When you have earned enough renown, return to the Abbot in the temple to resume the quest. Walk with him as he speaks and when he is done make your way back down the hill, and follow the path towards town. When you get close to the cave you will hear a woman singing. Continue in the general direction of the voice to find a crumbling ruin by a staircase and the monk we need to escort. After a brief introduction, head down the stairs and into the Wellspring Cave.

Begin the quest by returning to the abbot (left) and then make your way to the nearby ruins to meet the monk we need to escort (right).

This cave is fairly straightforward and linear, so follow the passage all the way through to the central chamber. There are three doors in the room, and you must go through each of these in turn to collect water for the ritual. After Hannah steps on a pressure plate, the first door will open. Follow the passage all the way through to the room at the end. There is a silver key behind the raised platform in this room. Collect it, then climb the stairs and stand on the right-hand blue pad. Hannah will stand on the other pad to collect the water.

Look behind the altar in the first ewer room for a silver key (left). Upon leaving the room then prepare to meet the hollow men (right)!

Upon exiting this room, you will be attacked by a new enemy type - hollow men. They appear practically out of thin air and are more or less like the standard bandits or hobbes we fought earlier. The one thing they do different is they often attack in greater numbers, as such remain aware of your position in the combat area and try to keep yourself from getting surrounded!

You will need to fight through a room full of hollow men before you are able to return to the central chamber. When you do arrive back in the main room, Hannah will stand on a second pressure plate and now a second room can be accessed.

This room has the same objective as the last, this time however, you will stand on the raised pressure plate at the back of the room overlooking Hannah and you will have to defend her from hollow men using will or ranged attacks as she fills the container. After four waves of three hollow men, the ewer will be filled. Head back to the central chamber.

After a fairly lengthy scene, the third gate will open. Following the tunnel here will lead you into a large room populated by hollow men. After dispatching five waves of hollow men, a headless hollow man will appear.

it is best to keep your distance from the headless hollow man.

The headless version is similar to your standard issue hollow man but has increased attack damage and much heavier armour. In addition, it can use the will power shock if you get too close which can dish out significant magic damage. As such, you will want to keep your distance and try to use will and ranged attacks on him as much as possible to interrupt and mitigate the effects of his magic attacks. When he explodes into nothingness, the door to the final room will open.

This room is again the same as the previous two. Fortunately though, this time you won’t have to hold off an attack, but instead listen to the dialogue. Stand on the indicated switch and watch the ensuing scene.

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