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Once you buy Castle Fairfax, move inside and speak to the butler in the hallway here. he’ll open the door for you and give you access to the building. Enter the circular courtyard with the tree in the centre and work your way around to the open door on the far side to enter the throne room.

Walk up to the throne and take the door closest to it on the right. Climb the stairs and follow the passage at the top to enter a bedroom. Sleep in the bed here. After a brief bit of shut-eye you will be woken in the middle of the night by a bandit attack.

Part 1: Defend the Castle

Head out the door and kill the bandits lying in wait. Continue down the stairs and exit into the throne room. Four waves of bandits will attack you in the area and in addition to the standard bandits the game will also throw highwaymen and senior Thag/Ripper style bandits at you as well to keep you on your toes. Continue to eliminate all the bandits that appear.

When it is all quiet, go out the door on the opposite side of the throne room from the passage we just came from to find the library. Once again you will have to kill an assortment of bandits and to top it all off, you will also have to defeat the bandit leader. Fortunately he is not too tough, however he does have the slow time will ability’s teleport attack which can knock you down.

Clear the bandits out of the throne room and the library. When the library is clear, shoot the gargoyle (right).

Once you have cleared out the library, look above the entrance door to find a gargoyle . Climb the stairs here and speak to the butler. He will reveal a hidden passage to you.

Part 2: Explore Fairfax Tomb

Head into the tunnel and fight your way through the bandits here until you come across a locked iron gate with two switches sitting before it. Pull the switch on the left first and it will open the four other locked gates in the room behind you and release groups of balvarines, bandits and hobbes. Fight them all off and then check out the first room on the right (from the entry) to find a chest. Now head back to the levers and pull the other one to open the locked gate.

Cruise through the gate and take a sexy left when you exit into the large open area. You are at the top of a very long flight of stairs and these stairs are inhabited by a large number of undead hobbes. Fight your way down the stairs, killing everything in the way. Just before the final set of stairs, jump off the ledge to the right to find a chest to loot. Hop down into the water below and go through the small passage opposite the base of the stairs. Jump down the hole at the end of the hallway.

Work your way down the stairs (left) and enter the doorway at the bottom (right).

You’ll land in a flooded hallway, swim forward slightly and after the first doorframe look to the right for a dive spot. Keep moving forward and exit the water. Ascend the stairs here and wipe out all of the hobbes in the room at the top.

At this point, you can loot a pair of chests in the room before turning your attention to the flit switch nearby. The flit switch here is on a timer and you will need to hit it three times (you’ll need to shoot it twice and then melee it once) in succession within a brief period in order for it to open the gate to exit the room. Note that if you take too long, the flit switch will reset and you will have to start the sequence over.

Two rooms in a row, two timed flit switch puzzles in a row. What did players do to deserve this?

In the next room you will need to work your magic on another timed flit switch. As you enter you will see the red flit switch on a small raised platform behind some coffins on the floor. Clear out the beetles in the area so that you can focus on the flit switch without interruption. This switch we need to hit four times (first with a will power and then shooting it three times) to open the door.

The next room is the final area of the dungeon and it has four treasure chests to loot around the platform in the centre. The real treasure however is sitting on the raised pedestal in the centre of the room. It is the Potion of Transmogrification (or simply a sex-change potion). You will be warned by the game that if you do not pick it up, it will disappear.

So pick it up and choose to use it to switch genders (this is NOT reversible!), or leave it and say goodbye forever.

The final room. Will you try the gender bending potion or not?

So pick it up and choose to use it to switch genders (this is NOT reversible!), or leave it and say goodbye forever.

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