Return to the Sandgoose Inn in Oakfield. On the second floor, there is a quest to rid Rookridge of bandits so the bridge leading into town can be reconstructed.

Accept it then backtrack back out of Oakfield into Rookridge. Make your way back to the broken bridge, turn left at the intersection just before it. You should see some bandits run off up the hill. Follow them to the right, continue up the stairs here and enter the Rookridge Inn.

And…It’s a trap! You will be attacked by several bandits at once. Defend yourself and clear the lower level before fighting your way upstairs. At this point you will receive an updated objective: Kill the bandit leader, Dash. Before following him out the back door, whilst you are on the second floor, check out the second bedroom on the left for a chest.

Defeat the first group of bandits to find a chest (left) and then go and clear out the Rookridge Inn (right).

Exit via the door on the top floor of the inn and descend the external stairs. At this point Dash will taunt you and run off. Continue along the dirt path ahead, underneath the train tracks and up the stairs nearby.

Defeat the small group of bandits at the top of the stairs and grab the nearby chest tucked away behind some crates. Continue onto the train tracks. Turn right and run all the way to the end to find a silver key , and then follow Dash in the other direction. At the point where the track is blocked, follow the dirt path to the right for a short detour until it re-joins the tracks. At this point you can follow the tracks back to the left until you reach the blockage to find a chest on the other side.

Follow the tracks to the right first for a silver key and then follow them all the way to the left until you can go no further.

Now continue moving along the tracks until you reach the end, killing anyone who tries to stop you from doing so. When you can go no further along the tracks, look for a dirt pathway that leads up a slope nearby to a Stonehenge-like area on your left. Enter this area and you will find that Dash will be trapped on top of one of the rock structures. Simply shoot him once to kill him.

Grab the chest located behind where Dash was trapped for some bandit gear and gold and then return to Barnum in the Oakfield Inn to end the quest.

Simply shoot Dash to complete your objective!

This is the first of several points in Fable II where the game encourages you to go and complete side-quests. In order to proceed with the next campaign task, you will need to build up sufficient amount of renown. If you still do not have enough renown following this quest, there are a couple of new side-quests available to you.

In addition to completing the side-quests,our hero can also gain a small amount of easy renown by showing trophies off to villagers using the trophy expression or getting married.

Once you have earned a sufficient amount of renown to continue, the game will update your objectives and tell you to return to the Temple of Light.

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