Speak to Toby in Bloodstone and he will tell you he wishes to clean up the city… Naturally you want to help and in order to do so you will need to perform a four simple fetch tasks for him.

You’ll find Toby in a building on left side of Bloodstone behind the inn.

  • **The Mutton of Eternal Hope** - Toby needs you to acquire for him the mutton of eternal hope from a home on the waterfront. Make your way down there and head through the door just to the right of the Tattoo parlour. Make your way up the stairs and into the bedroom. Steal from the cupboard directly across from the bedroom door to snag the mutton. Return it to Toby.
  • **The Wine of Forgiveness** - Exit T.O.B.Y's house and turn left, follow the street until you see a boat propped up against the wall to the right. When you see this look at the house to your left, break down the door and go upstairs. Loot the cupboard near the baby's bed for the wine. Return it to Toby.
  • **The Sacred Pie of Kindness** - Exit the building and head to the Boat building yard on the waterfront. Enter the house next door. Steal from the cupboard on the ground floor for the pie. Return it to Toby.
  • **Cleaning up the streets -** Bring a prostitute to Toby Find a prostitute and when she asks you if you want to have a good time, give her the thumbs up expression, she will now follow you. Lead her back to Toby. He will then ask that you leave the building so he can focus his full attention on cleansing the girl.
  • You will now have an opportunity to learn more about Toby. Follow the breadcrumbs and talk to James, he will tell you all about T.O.B.Y and Toby, turns out he’s been playing you for a chump and everyone wants him gone.

    Return to the house and knock on the door until he answers. You have two options to complete the quest here: you can scare him out of town by using your scary expressions until he runs off, or alternatively you can kill him. Depending on your choice you will earn +/- 10 Morality points.

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