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When you regain control, you will be all grown up. Head into the gypsies’ camp and pick up some items from your chest. Find your way to Theresa at the entrance to begin your quest.

Exit the gypsy camp and swim out to the island in the centre of the lake (right).

Head down the slope here and make your way to the lake off to the right. Swim out to the tomb entrance on the island in the middle of Bower Lake. Before checking out the door, look around behind it to find a silver key . Return to the entrance and use the seal on the door to open it up and go on inside.

Once you are in move forward a short distance and jump down the hole into the water below, move forward onto the land and continue through the area. Kill the giant beetles in the room and collect the silver key in a small alcove on the left side of the room.

There is a silver key behind the building on the island (left) and another on the left side of the room after your first beetle encounter (right).

Continue on through the linear path killing beetles as you go until you arrive at a room with a flit switch (looks like a floating orb). Before using this, look over to the left and interact with a second door here. Inside you will find a chest. Now approach the flit switch and when it turns yellow, shoot it to open the door in front.

Make your way through the door and continue into a flooded room, which you can explore to find a couple of pieces of land housing dead bodies that you can loot for letters. When you are ready to continue, swim across to the land opposite the entrance. Go up the ramp and jump down onto the bridge.

Keep following the set path until you reach a room with a large circle on the ground and four torches. Stand in the centre and a flit switch will appear. Before interacting with it, look back towards the entry to spot another cave leading off to the right. Follow this to the end and kill the beetles in the room here. Look around the room to find a pair of treasure chests and several bookshelves that can be plundered of books. Return to the room with the flit switch.

When you reach the circular room (left), look for a small secondary tunnel leading to a room full of beetles and goodies (right).

Make your way to the raised circle in the centre of the room and shoot the flit switch when it turns yellow, next melee attack it when it turns blue and then shoot it once more when its colour changes to yellow to open the door. Follow this path into a large chamber and move up to and stand in the glowing beam for a cut-scene.

After the scene you will see a glowing red orb in front of you. The game informs you that you need to use a will ability here. As such, open the menu and enter the Abilities section, choose will and pick one of the abilities here (Shock and Inferno are your best bet!). Return to the game and then use your newly acquired skill on the red flit switch to open a Cullis Gate.

Standing in the beam of light will bestow you with will powers. Nice!

Now that the Cullis Gate has been activated, walk up and enter the gate to teleport back to Bower Lake. When you regain control you will be attacked by a large group of beetles. Defeat them in any way you see fit and then follow the gold trail down the dirt path and across the map until you reach a barricade blocking the road.

Enter your first quest as a hero!

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