You will regain control of your character in a cage. A strange old man will gloat about the current situation and after a foreseeable series of events your dog will bring you the key. Unlock the cage and move down the hill.

After exiting the cage, enter the first house beside the swamp to find a gargoyle inside (right).

Ignore the bridge for now (this leads to a demon door we can’t open) and enter the house next to it. Inside, there is a gargoyle . Exit and walk into the water and through the archway into the swamp. Instead of going over to the far side of the water right away, explore the area over to the left to find a small passage leading to a chest. Return to the centre of the swamp and this time make your way over to the right. Follow the water here, go beneath the bridge and grab a chest from a small island.

Return to where we entered the swamp and follow the dirt path up the hill on the other side. Follow the path to the right, and when you see the house in front of you, look on the wall of the main building just to the left of the small shack in front to find a gargoyle to shoot. Continue down the hill.

Keep an eye out for the gargoyle (left) and make sure you enter the building to the left of the entrance to the next swamp for a silver key (right).

Before entering the swamp area on the right, follow the dirt path straight ahead and to the left until you reach a house. Go in through the open door and on the second floor of the house you’ll find a silver key . Return outside, head back down the hill and enter the water.

Here you will be introduced to a new enemy - the banshee. You will know when one of these enemies is around as the area will become shrouded in fog and you will hear it wailing. To defeat a banshee, you need to first destroy the little minions that it sends out. Once they are all dead, the banshee will become vulnerable for a short period of time, deal as much damage as you can before it summons minions again. Simply rinse and repeat until it dies!

Meet the banshee…

When you have dealt with her, continue to through to the other side. Follow the dirt path up the slope to the left and across a covered bridge (original Fable fans might recognise this one!). Continue to follow the dirt path all the way up the hill and around the corner. When you reach the first set of ruins, look beneath one of the arches at ground level for a chest, then climb up the stairs to the ruins, quickly turn around and shoot the gargoyle on the side of one of the pillars behind you.

Grab the chest from below the archway (left) and then climbb the stairs and look back to spot a gargoyle (right).

Head across the top of the ruins here, fight off the hollow men on the solid ground on the far side and then climb the next set of stairs. When you reach the set of stone arches on the left, do a quick 180 turn to find a short path here leading to a chest. Looting this will cause a large group of hollow men to spawn behind you however, so take heed!

Now just follow the dirt path up the nearby hill and down again and cross a large stone bridge. After the bridge, fight off the large group of hollow men that spawn here and continue through the Iron Gate and hang a left down the stairs and descend into a misty graveyard.

Here you will be introduced to an elder hollow man. You’ll be seeing them fairly regularly from here on out and you can identify them by the cow skull with horns mounted on their heads. They are very similar to the headless hollow man we fought previously in that they are slightly larger than the stock standard flavour of hollow man, they utilise the shock will power and as is to be expected, they can hit harder and soak up more damage before falling.

After a fight with some elder hollow men, look back towards the stairs we used to enter the area and look to the right. You should see an open tomb here with a silver key floating inside. Now take the path out of the cemetery and go down the hill. Turn around and look back up towards the cemetery to see a gargoyle near the top of one of the tombs. Shoot it.

Look out for the silver key in the open tomb following the fight with the elder hollow man (left). Upon exiting the area, look back and shoot the gargoyle (right).

Continue beneath the large stone bridge and keep moving until you find yourself back in a swampy area for another banshee encounter. Head down the small path to the right of the shack here to find a silver key . Return to where you fought the banshee and enter the hut here for a chest.

After killing the banshee, find the small path leading out of the area to th right of the shack for a silver key (left). Continue on and you will have to fight a troll (right).

Afterwards follow the path up the ramp over the boardwalk and back into the water to fight a troll, he is a little more armoured than the standard troll, so you will have to get in a few extra shots to take out his weak spots if you haven’t upgraded for a while. Additionally, during this fight it is likely that you will also be attacked by hollow men as well, so keep an eye out!

Once you have killed the troll, ascend the dirt ramp behind him and cross the bridge. Follow this path to the end to find an iron gate atop some stairs. Open this and then continue through a second gate across from the first. Walk into the tomb-like building at the end of the path to reach Bloodstone.

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