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Follow the path to discover the town centre and as you descend the hill into Bloodstone, you will be prompted by Theresa to look at a point of interest - Reaver’s House. Make your way here, head inside and talk to Reaver. Reaver will tell you to go away and to come back when you are more recognized.

You will likely not have earned enough renown to impress Reaver yet (the magic number is 20,000 renown) so it is time to go and earn some through side-quests. Fortunately there are a few new ones available with big renown rewards.

Once you are famous enough, return to Reaver. After the conversation, pick up the seal off the desk nearby and exit the mansion. The fastest way to complete this objective is to fast travel to the Drowned Farm in Wraithmarsh. The banshee will have returned, so kill her and then continue on past the left path that we used earlier to get to Bloodstone and look out for a doorway up a hill on the right. Use the seal to unlock the door and enter the Shadow Court.

Look out for the entrance to the Shadow Court in Wraithmarsh (left). As you go down the first set of stairs inside, look out for a weak wall containing a chest (right).

Follow the passage downwards, keeping out for a broken wall on the left that we can bust down for a chest. Continue down the stairs and around the corner until you reach a room filled with shadow monsters. Destroy them all. On the left hand side of the room is a boarded up door that we can break open. There is a chest inside.

From the room where we fought the shadows, take the stairs down and walk to the end of the hallway. Turn right and you will see a spike trap hallway. Either time your run across the spikes, or wait until they are all down and use slow time to quickly run to the far side.

Make your way across the spike traps on the floor (left), then once you are across, turn around and shoot the gargoyle (right).

Grab the chest in front and then step on the pressure pad to open the gate. Look back down the spike hallway and above the door on the far side you should be able to spot a gargoyle. Shoot it. Continue on through the unlocked gate into another larger room. You will now have to fight four waves of shadow creatures ranging from Hobbes to balvarines. After defeating them, the gate to the next area will open. Before continuing, look in the back left corner of the room from where you entered for a breakable wall. Knock it down to find a silver key inside.

After clearing the room, destroy the weak wall and grab the silver key from inside (right).

Walk up to the woman here and after a brief chat with her and an explanation of your purpose here, you will have about 20 seconds to decide whether yourself or Elizabeth’s youth will be sacrificed. Giving the seal to Elizabeth is the evil choice, whilst sacrificing your own is the good choice. Whoever is holding the seal when the time runs out will be transformed. If you decide to hold onto it, the process is irreversible… so consider the consequences. you will earn +/- 50 morality points depending on your choice.

Enter the room and speak with elizabeth to make a tricky decision.

After you have made the decision, go up the stairs behind you, take the left exit out of the large room, grab the chest and then go through the door to return to Wraithmarsh.

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