The Calavera (Mace)
Location: Westcliff

How to get it: You need to open the Demon Door in Westcliff. To do this, become as corrupt as possible. Some easy ways to do this are sleeping for 7 days and setting rent prices as high as they go. Once you impress it with your state of corruption, it will let you through to claim the Calavera.

The Chopper (Axe)
Location: The Cruicible

How to get it: Complete the Crucible with 8 perfect rounds.

The Daichi (Katana)
Location: Brightwood, Archon’s Knot

How to get it: Work your way through Archon’s Knot, a short dungeon accessible by diving into it from the platform with the cullis gate in Brightwood Tower after you have visited Wraithmarsh for the first time.After exiting from the Archon’s Knot dungeon, you can find the weapon in a chest on a platform just to the right.

The Enforcer (Blunderbuss)
Location: Brightwood, Farmer Giles Farm

How to get it: Firstly you must complete some side-quests. You will need to finish either “Red Harvest” or “Cold Comfort Farmer” and “Blind Date”. The weapon is buried in the basement of the farm. If you completed “Red Harvest”, you will find the farmers grave behind the small building, dig it up for the key to the locked gate in the basement. Alternatively, if you completed “Cold Comfort Farmer” and “Blind Date” you will be able to purchase the farm for 100,000 gold pieces. Buying the farm will also get you the key for the locked gate. To find the weapon enter the basement, open the gate and fight your way through to the very last room, your dog will show you where to dig it up.

The Hammerthyst (Hammer)
Location: Oakfield

How to get it: You need to open the Demon Door in Oakfield. To do this, bring a spouse of yours to the door and kiss in front of it. That’s all it takes and the hammer is yours.

The Maelstrom (Longsword)
Location: The Temple of Shadows, Rookridge

How to get it: Join the Temple of Shadows and sacrifice villagers using the wheel of misfortune. You will earn an amount of shadow points with each person you kill here. Once you reach 2,000 points, sacrifice a spouse between the hours of 12am and 1am and you will be rewarded with this weapon.

The Perforator (Turret Rifle)
Location: Wraithmarsh

How to get it: Open the Wraithmarsh Demon Door. To do this, get 10-12 people to follow you and lead them to it. After a humorous act, it will open for you.

The Rammer (Crossbow)
Location: The Gargoyle’s Treasure Trove, Bowerstone Market

How to get it: There are fifty Gargoyles scattered throughout Albion and finding them grants you access to some fancy treasures. Locating a Gargoyle should be fairly straightforward. They will always be on a wall, and require you to shoot them with a ranged weapon in the free aim mode, acquired in level 2 dextrous styles. They will constantly insult you in an annoying, tinny voice when you are nearby, so listen out for the insults and follow your ears to find them. There is a hidden Gargoyle treasure trove in Bowerstone Market in a dive spot beneath the bridge containing the gargoyles treasure. For every 10 gargoyles you kill, you will earn a new treasure from the stash here. When you have destroyed all fifty, you will earn the right to a legendary crossbow - The Rammer.

A list of all 50 gargoyles can be found in the collectibles guide.

The Red Dragon (Pistol)
Location: Westcliff

How to get it: Get first prize in the Westcliff Shooting Range.

The Rising Sun (Cleaver)
Location: The Temple of Light

How to get it: First you must complete “ Defenders of the Light.“ Once the quest has been completed, donate about 1000 gold pieces to the temple the monk will be impressed by your generosity and give you a hint about a reward. Simply wait until 12.00pm (you can track the time on the pause menu) and donate 10,000 gold, you will be given the weapon.

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