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inFAMOUS Second Son

Kill or Expose Augustine

Jarrod Garripoli

This final mission plays out pretty much the same no matter whether you’re Good or Evil. You should see a marker on your map after finishing the last mission, so head there and you’ll be on top of a building with a generator. Before you can do anything, though, you will be presented with a choice to either kill Augustine (Evil Karma) or expose her (Good Karma).

Depending on your Karma, pick your option and then you can use the touchpad to shut down the power to the tower…only a little bit. There will be plenty of DUP agents in front of the tower, so you will have to fight your way through them all. Once it’s clear, switch over to Smoke and use the vent shown before to start your climb up the tower.

There are enemies to clear at the tower’s entrance, who are guarding the vent needed to start climbing (right).

In the first area, you won’t be able to progress, but a familiar face will show up and help. Fetch opens a vent you can use to launch yourself to the next section, where DUP goons will be there to fight. The next vent can be used to launch yourself to the pillar, which you can climb to the next section. This will keep going like this until two helicopters show up, but that prompts the arrival of Eugene to take them out.

When you get to the point where you can switch to Video powers, do so and get onto the roof of the building. You’ll have to protect Fetch here while she cuts a hole that will allow you to break into the building. Once she’s finished, dash at the satellite dish and then hold Square to bust through the hole that Fetch cut out, sending you inside and into a boss fight.

Boss: Brooke Augustine

The fight against Augustine starts out similar to the previous fight, although she has a few extra moves in her arsenal. She still has the shield and will throw stone boulders at you, but she can also send what look like buzzsaws along the ground. Since you have Video for this battle so far, you will still do the same thing as the previous fight, sending Bloodthirsty Blades to remove her shield and knocking her down three times, prompting a chance to use the Karmic streak.

While the fight plays out similar to the last one, Augustine knows a new move with the buzzsaws.

Now starts the second phase of the fight and you will finish the battle with Concrete powers, only you don’t have any right now. Augustine will transform into a scorpion-like creature and she will come after you with two attacks at first. She will walk towards you, smashing her legs into the ground with each step, as well as shoot projectiles at you. Note that both of these attacks will stay throughout the entire final battle.

You need to survive until Eugene throws in a Core Relay, which will grant you the Boulder Dash ability once you drain it. Keep going until the next Core Relay is sent, which will get you the Concrete Shrapnel, allowing you to shoot now with R2 and damage Augustine. Once you get this ability, she will add a new move into her set, which is to come forward and smash both front legs into the ground when you cause enough damage.

Augustine’s final form is quite intimidating, since you start out not being able to do anything. Once you get some help from Eugene, you’ll get some abilities to start bringing her health down.

The next ability you get is Concrete Thrusters, allowing you to hover in the air. She’ll keep using the same moves for now, so continue doing as you did before until the last Core Relay drops, granting you the Concrete Barrage move. This is triggered by hitting R1 and will do a lot more damage than the normal shots, although you need to resort to those in between recharges.

Augustine’s projectile attacks are likely getting quicker at this point, but it should be pretty easy to dodge with the following tactic. Go to the opposite side of the arena and just dash back and forth horizontally to dodge all the shots, starting when she’s about to shoot and going to the other side at the same time.

At some point, she will likely gain a new attack, which is to make herself flat and slide along the ground; use the hover ability to go over her. She will follow this up by turning into a snake and lunging at you, so just wait until she’s about to lunge and dash to the other side to avoid it. Keep blasting her and when her health is gone, you will have defeated her and completed the game.

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Expose the corruption of the powerful

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Show the world that nobody can protect them

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Finish the story with Good Karma

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Finish the story with Evil Karma

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