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inFAMOUS Second Son

Part 5

Jarrod Garripoli

Mission #1

Yet again, you’ll have to chase down Celia, who will bring you to a spot where she’ll leave you another dove. Collect it, then head to the marker to upload it to your online profile. When you look at the dove, you will see another collect-the-dots puzzle, with spaces below for a FAN #.

However, things are a little bit tricky with this puzzle, as it isn’t very straightforward. You’ll notice that each line below has a symbol underneath it, which means you’ll have to connect the dots using only those symbols. For example, if you have a blank circle underneath, you would only connect the dots using the blank circles. Each symbol will reveal a number, which will be your FAN #.

Solving the connect the dots puzzle (left) will eventually give you a picture of a van with a license plate number (right). This license plate number is different for everyone.

The number is the same for everyone and is 26371475197 . Go to DUP Intranet and put in the FAN # to get a report, where you can find another FAN # at the bottom. Input this one and you’ll see a picture of a van with a license plate number. Go to the vehicle tracker (which should be under Part 5 now) and put the number in to finish this mission.

Mission #2

When you start the mission, you should see a marker on your map. Go here and you’ll have to follow the undercover military van until it stops, where you’ll have to take out some agents. Do that and go to the van to have something uploaded to your online profile.

You can go inside the van on your profile, where you can find another dove that doesn’t really do anything. Click on the other marker and you’ll see a computer and a safe. The safe is your target for now, where you encounter an eight-digit password comprised of symbols. Each symbol is used once and you’ll either see an X, the symbol in yellow or it in green.

  • X means the symbol is not part of the password
  • Yellow means the symbol is part of the password, but in the wrong spot
  • Green means the symbol is part of the password and in the right spot

Follow the van and take out all the enemies (left), then you can go to your Paper Trail profile and try to open the safe (right).

The bad part is that you only have seven chances to find the right password before it resets. The only good thing about a reset is that you are given one symbol, although it’s not in the right spot. It will probably take many chances for your to find the right password, so keep on trying until you eventually find it.

Once you do manage to get it open, you’ll spot a folder inside, so click on it to see a bunch of papers. Read them if you like, but the important bits are on the third and fourth pages. The username and password will be on the fourth page, while you’ll see some instructions on the third on how to navigate the computer (it’s DOS commands).

Go to the computer and follow the steps below in case you’re confused:

  • Type ls to see a list of folders
  • Type cd [folder name] (without any brackets) to enter the folder
  • Type ls again to see if any more folders; if there isn’t any, go back by typing cd .. and move onto the next folder
  • Whenever you find more folders being listed, check each one using the above method until you spot a file named SurveillanceLocations.jpg by using ls
  • When you find it, type open SurveillanceLocations.jpg to finish this mission and move onto the third one

Mission #3

There will be four locations pointed out on your map, where you will need to find and destroy the four undercover surveillance vans, plus the initial one you found (a total of five vans). When you destroy the last van, Celia shows up and leaves a dove, so collect it to finish Part 5.

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