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inFAMOUS Second Son

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Hidden Cameras

Jarrod Garripoli

Hidden Cameras are displayed on your map with a black box and a yellow camera icon. They are different from the regular Security Cameras, as they are hidden and will not alert the DUP to your presence should they spot you. Your goal in these side missions are to locate and destroy the hidden camera.

Delsin uses his phone to see the camera’s view and you are given a circle marked on your map in which the camera is located. It is small and generally hidden well enough that you need to search for it somewhat. A tip to make it easier, should you know the general area, is to aim with L2 and search around until your reticule turns red, which will be the hidden camera. One shot from any of your powers will be more than enough to destroy it.

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Big Brother

Destroy all the D.U.P. Hidden Cameras

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Queen Anne's hidden camera.

Behind you is the monument for Sundial Park and behind that is a building. If you’re looking at the building, the camera is in the upper left corner of the wall closest to you.

Seattle Center's hidden camera.

When you initialize the camera feed, you will notice a tree in the way. If you look to your northeast, the tree will be right there. There is an orangish-red brick building right behind the tree and the camera will be hidden in the corner closest to you.

Market District's hidden camera.

You will notice that the camera is straight ahead of you, but it’s a little hard to find because of how dark its surroundings are. It is actually on a beam right before you reach the end of the walkway above you.

Belltown's hidden camera.

From the initial location, you will find a very tall building to your southwest. The camera is on the third balcony from the bottom on the east side of the building.

Paramount's hidden camera.

Just north of your position is the G. McClain Bank building, and the camera is right above the name.

Georgetown's hidden camera.

Right near the icon on the map is an umbrella in front of a building. The camera is located at the top of this building, almost on the corner of it (above the umbrella).

Pioneer Square's hidden camera.

This one is located under the bridge, in one of the corners. It’s not the corner against the wall, but within the next set of beams, on the southeast side.

Uptown's hidden camera.

You should be right in front of a Burger Mann shop. Face it and then head to the left side of the building and two tables with umbrellas close together. Standing near those, face the building and you’ll find the camera in the top left corner of the colored tiles.

Downtown's hidden camera.

You should be in front of a coffee shop, so face it and then look left to see a brick building. Look at the first row of buildings and then the second window from the left, where you’ll find the camera right above it.

Denny Park's hidden camera.

This one is pretty easy to find. There’s a concrete barrier just north of your position and the camera is right on it.

Rainier's hidden camera.

This can be a little tricky to find at first. See the blue-colored poles that the string lights are connected to? The camera is on the easternmost pole, on the north side (just above the blue part).

Waterfront's hidden camera.

This one is stuck on the side of a tree. It’s the tree with a clothesline connected to it on the southeast side of the little camp there.

One of Lantern District's hidden cameras. This is the one that's on the bridge.

This is on the underside of the biggest part of the roof of the archway on the bridge.

One of the hidden cameras in the Lantern District. This is the camera that's in the southeast portion of the area.

Find the dock closest to you from the camera icon and look on the corner to find it.

One of the hidden cameras in the Lantern District. This one is located in the southwest section of the area.

From your initial position, look to the southwest to spot a building with banners and an Oriental-style roof on top. The camera is at the top corner of the normal section of this building.

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