My way to start OPS #3 (left picture). Hide as the mission starts because reinforcements are coming (right picture).

As you start several enemies will enter the area. There are a total of 4 soldiers here and the best thing you can do is to hide in the house on the south end of the area until they start their normal patrol. Once they’re doing that you’ll have a soldier on the west side of the house, another one on the southern side of the house, another one patrolling the northeastern side and the boathouse and the other one on the western side next to the wall.

Take care of the soldier that’s on the western side of the house then the southern one. Next is the one to the northeast and finally the one on the west. Once done that, move north to El Cenegal: Swamp .

There’s only 1 soldier here and he’s on the northern side of the area in front of the boat. FRS him and grab *Ration 5 x3 from the center of the area. Now proceed west to El Cenegal: Ravine . There are 2 soldiers here. As you go north through the narrow path you’ll see a soldier patrolling across the it. When you get to the rope bridge you’ll find another soldier patrolling. Miller tells you that you can hang from the bridge’s side to get passed the soldier.

You’ll now be in the N part of the Cenegal: Swamp. This place is not that hard thankfully since your Jungle Fatigues provides an ok camouflage. There’s an enemy right in front of you on the southern side of the area facing south. Use your Mk22 to put him to sleep and FRS him. Now look nearby the solider to find *Confidential Document 1 , which lets you develop the M10 in the R&D submenu.

Confidential Document is a little piece of paper near the riverbed (left picture). A soldier is coming from the north so hide behind a tree to avoid being spotted (right picture).

There’s one last soldier in the northeastern side of the area near the exit of this area so use the trees to your advantage. You’ll now reach Bananal Fruta de Oro: Sorting Shed . There are several soldiers in this area (around 5), but the good thing is that the area is big and there’s a ton of space to take cover and hide yourself. Go north a little bit and hide behind the first crates you come across.

If the soldiers get suspicious you can run to the entrance to hide (left picture). Crates mentioned in the paragraph above (right picture).

There’s a soldier that walks towards these crates and stays in the northern side. Once he turns around, plant an Mk22 dart in the back of his neck or CQC him. Now go to the southwest side of the area to find *Fulton SYS 5 x5 . There’s another soldier patrolling the northern most side near the exit but he’s the least of out worries at the moment.

Go north and when you hit a fence there’s a room to the right. There’s an FSLN prisoner in here, as well as *Ration 5 x3 . Send the prisoner to Mother Base using one of those FRS you just got just in case you used all the FRS by now. Now go east from this room to find *Love Box 1 .

Now go west into the actual Sorting Shed (enter from the lowest part) and you’ll find 3 Soldiers here. There’s one patrolling the west side moving north-south. The other one is patrolling the norhtern side (inside the shed) which you can take care after the one patrolling the western side.

The other one is patrolling the northeastern side of the shed. Now check the southwestern side of the shed to find a little room with an FSLN prisoner . You’ll also find ammo and *Confidential Document 1 , which allows you to develop the Twin Barrel Shotgun . Now go north towards the exit and you’ll find a room on the left side with ammo and *T.Stripe 1 which is your first Camouflage.

Make sure to grab Confidential Document (Twin Barrel Shotgun) and the Tiger Stripe camo in the area.

Check a little to the southeast of this room to find *Ration 5 x3 . Now go north through the door to reach the end of the mission.

Dramatic ending to this OPS. One of the few “TO BE CONTINUED” missions (which mostly lead to a Boss OPS.


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