Some dude will direct you through the tutorial, which is totally optional, but I recommend doing it so that you don’t have to struggle in the game.

We got Big Boss (Naked Snake) on the left side with his snake-like scar left by The Boss and his patch on the right eye and his army (Militaires Sans Frontières) training on the right.

Task #1

You must look in the direction he yells. If he yells up, press either Up on the D-pad or triangle to look up and so on, depending on what type of controls you picked. Once it’s over, you’ll pass to…

Task #2

Same as the previous task, only that this time you have to look left and right. If he yells right, press either right on the D-pad or square to look in that direction and so on. Once it’s over, you’ll pass to…

Task #3

He’ll tells you this time how to Crouch using the Crouch Button. Press once the Couch Button to Crouch and let it pressed to Lie Down. As he says, you can’t move while you’re lying down, which is a bit awkward, but whatever. Passing on to…

Task #4

Time to move. Use the analog stick to move. Tilt is slowly to walk and tilt it further to run. Use it as you see fit. Pass on to…

Task #5

Time to Roll, seriously. While you run press the Attack Button to Roll and hit enemies and do some other things. Nothing special. Now you pass on to…

Task #6

Time to attack without gunfire, in other words… CQC. While you’re standing, press the Action Button (the same as before) to perform hand to hand Combat.

Task #7

Time to use the Stun Rod. Simply Aim while you’re standing still and press the Action Button to use the Stun Rod.

Task #8

Time to start CQC. Simply press the Action Button while you’re moving close to him to drop him.

Task #9

Time to restrain your opponent. Simply press the Action Button and keep it pressed to restrain your opponent. Maintain him like that too long and he’ll pass out.

Task #10

From the previous stance, you can throw him to the ground. How? When you have them restrained, press a direction in the analog stick to throw them that way.

Task #11

Time to do the same thing in the previous task, only that once restrained, you have to throw your opponent towards the other opponent.

Task #12

Time to kick some ass. This is when you’re surrounded by multiple enemies. Restrain your enemy and when you’re throwing him, point to where another enemy is to make the CQC button to appear. Press it to grab and throw that next enemy. You can do that over and over.

Watch the scene after the training, which is rather interesting.

Introducing one of the main characters of the game, Paz Ortega (left picture). Youre given the option to zoom into the clothes of Paz and see her… cuts, of course ;). (right picture)

Now you’re about to start your first mission but first, you’re in an area without enemies. Miller initiates a conversation with you. Do as he says and shoot some stuff, like coconuts and oil drums.

Whenever you’re ready move all the way to the east side of the map and grab *Grenade 1 x5 that are right next to the pier. Now approach the door to the northeast and Miller tells you to make it explode using a grenade. Do so and proceed to the next area which is the jungle. You’ll watch a scene as you enter though.

Follow Millers advice and practice your shooting before proceeding to the next area. There are dummies and coconuts to shoot on the beach while there are oil drums and balls in the ocean.

Pretty easy area. There are only 3 enemies and there’s 1 in each path (one in the lower path on the west side, one in the middle path in the center of the map and one on the upper path on the east side). Wait for them to turn around and either pass by them, shoot them or CQC them. Check the east area to find some steps that that raise from the floor and on top you’ll find *Ration 5 x3 . Now pass on to the next area – Puerto del Alba .

Not much to say about this area. There are 4 soldiers total. 1 of the soldiers is exactly east of your position, which you can easily take care with your Mk22 and using the crates on the south as protection and cover. Another soldier is in the center of the area so you can use all the crates laying there as cover.

As you go east, you’ll find a building. A little to the north is a set of stairs that take you to your destination. Beware though because there’s a soldier up here as well as another soldier at the northwestern corner of the area. Like I said, use your Mk22 to shoot them in the head.

Make sure to always loot enemy bodies (left picture) and use walls as cover to take a peek as to whats behind the wall (right picture).

A scene triggers as you enter and you’ll have to press some buttons that appear onscreen. Once it’s over you’ll return to MSF Mother Base , which is the first time you’ll be here.


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