Make sure to bring your Grenades and heavy duty weapons. Having Auto Aim helps out a lot against the soldiers.

This battle is exactly the same as the one with the Armored Vehicle. When you start you’ll be behind 2 train wagons. Try shooting down some soldiers (watch out because they have helmets on so you’ll have to shoot them 2 times in the head to remove the helmet) and have the tank shoot at both train wagons and they’ll form a safe perimeter on the northeast corner of the area where the missiles shot from the tank won’t pass.

You’ll probably get hurt while the tank shoots the wagons so heal up and quickly move inside the safe perimeter. There will also be several, and I mean several enemies this time (over 10), so wait for them to get close, pop out your M16A1, activate auto aim and shoot them. They’ll be near death so you can FRS them.

Make sure to FRS the wounded enemy soldiers back to NSF. And once the commander comes out, pop some sniper bullets in his skull.

Once you take care of the soldiers, look at the tank and shoot at the fuel barrels that are on the back of the tank. Shoot them with the M16A1 until they explode. Now shoot at the tank until you lower 1 bar to have the Commander appear on top, just like with the Armored Vehicle. Pop out your M1C and shoot down the Commander.

After the mission you’ll now be able to develop Mosin-Nagant and Curry Recipe . Also you can Trade staff with other players.


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