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Jarrod Garripoli
Weapons Secondary Job Stats
Bow, Staff SP, Elemental Attack, Elemental Defense, Critical

There’s not much to say about the Sorcerer that isn’t readily apparent, as you can think of it as an upgraded Scholar class, in terms of utility, plus a little more. It has access to three-hit elemental spells for every single element in the game, making it great for trimming down enemy shields. In order to unlock the Sorcerer job class, you need to find the Shrine of the Archmagus, which is a Danger Level 50 dungeon, and defeat the boss there. Ignis Ardere is the fire spell, Glacies Claudere is ice, Tonitrus Canere is lightning, Ventus Saltare is wind, Lux Congerere is light, and Tenebrae Operire is dark.

For the lone other normal skill, Elemental Break is a staff attack that targets a single enemy and debuffs their elemental defense, making it great for bosses. The only problem is that by the time you get this job, you probably won’t have too many bosses left to fight, making its uses somewhat limited. The Divine Skill, Dreisang’s Spell, makes it so whoever has this spell cast on them will have their element attacks critical for three turns. This is nice if you want to do the most damage possible with an elemental attack, although it’s likely the Sorcerer will be using this on themself.

The Sorcerer's main focus is triple-hit elemental spells, great for breaking shields

As for the support skills, they are mostly there to enhance elemental attacks. Intimidation gives a 25% chance that enemies will begin a battle with reduced physical attack and elemental defense. Stronger Strikes makes your attacks more powerful if they hit a weak point. Elemental Aid makes your elemental attacks deal damage, but the SP cost for them is doubled. Lastly, Augmented Elements just increases your elemental attacks’ damage.


Skill Name SP Cost Description
Ignis Ardere 36 Deal fire damage to all foes 3 times.
Glacies Claudere 36 Deal ice damage to all foes 3 times.
Tonitrus Canere 36 Deal lightning damage to all foes 3 times.
Ventus Saltare 36 Deal wind damage to all foes 3 times.
Lux Congerere 36 Deal light-based damage to all foes 3 times.
Tenebrae Operire 36 Deal dark damage to all foes 3 times.
Elemental Break 20 Unleash a powerful staff attack on a single foe that also reduces the target’s elemental defense for 2 turns.
Dreisang’s Spell 50 [Divine Skill] For 3 turns, elemental attacks performed by a single chosen ally will hit for critical damage.


Support Skills

Skill Name Skills To Unlock Description
Intimidation 4 Grants a 25% chance that foes will begin battle with reduced physical attack and elemental defense (Equipping this skill with multiple characters will have no added effect.)
Stronger Strikes 5 Increases damage dealt when striking a foe’s weak point.
Elemental Aid 6 Elemental attacks consume double SP, but also deal additional damage.
Augmented Elements 7 Increases damage dealt by elemental attacks.


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