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Stray: Midtown Memory Locations

Craig Robinson

Midtown is the other major area of Stray’s campaign, where you will meet important characters and reveal more memories of B-12. At this level, there are plenty of memories to unlock, some of which require your timing to be perfect. Here is how to find the Midtown memory locations in Stray.

There are six memories to find in Midtown, and we have all their locations marked.

Stray’s Midtown memory locations

The important thing to note about Stray’s Midtown memory locations is that some memories are only accessible during specific events of the level. If you miss out on a memory during that specific time frame, then you will need to restart the chapter and work your way back up to that point.

At first, we will start off with the easy ones, as you can get them at any time. We will then leave the hard ones to last and tell you when exactly you can get the memory. We will also do it in order, so you can easily get all the memories in one single playthrough, saving you time.

Subway Station

You can find the first memory of Midtown in the small kiosk beside the subway station.

When you first load into the Midtown level, you will load into the subway. Exit the subway station by jumping over the platforms, climbing the escalators and through the fence via the opening on the floor.

Once you’re inside the terminal area of the subway station, you can look right and see fended off area with a bookcase. Head inside the fenced off area, and you will see a robot camped with some bedding and a bookcase. There is a memory just to the side of the robot sat down on the rug with a blanket, with the memory beside the lamp on the desk.

Cafe roof

Head inside the roof of the cafe, and you can find a memory tucked away.

When you get into Midtown city, you will start navigating the city streets. Towards the center where the giant police hologram is, you stumble upon a restaurant on one of the buildings facing the projector. Head inside the cafe, and try to climb to one of the open roof tiles. Eventually, you will find your way between the cafe roof and the building’s roof and enter a little attic. Inside is a memory that you can collect.

Salon roof

Like the cafe, you can find another memory in the salon attic.

Along one of the main roads, there is a Salon that you can enter by jumping through the window. It is along the same road as the residential complex of the city and slightly opposite the pub. Head inside the Salon and then try to climb along the sofa pressed against the left-hand side of the wall. You can then position it on the armrest and try to jump on the shelf above it. Once on the shelf, you can jump into a tiny gap between the wooden planks and the roof. Inside, you can find another memory, very similar to the cafe roof.


There is a secret rooftop bed area in the alleyway with a memory present.

There is an alleyway that you can access behind the nightclub. While there is not much else going on down there, there is a roof you can climb up to and get a memory. You should find an orange sign you can jump on, which then allows you to climb higher. You then want to go onto the corrugated metal over the window, follow the plank, across the blue cloth, and onto the orange air conditioner. It then allows you to climb higher up a building and onto a secret roof with a bed on it and a memory for you to collect.

Police Station

The police station memory is only accessible after the factory mission (and only then).

Now it’s time for the hard-to-find memory locations in Stray’s Midtown level. The police station is the first location with a memory inaccessible for most of the level. Before the police station opens up, you will need to carry on with the main mission of the level and break into the Neco factory and steal the power conductor from it.

Once that is done, the police will be alert, including the two police robots at the police station. This is the only opportunity to get into the police station and get the money. The memory is the blue sentinel drone poster hung on the wall.


(1 of 2) Here is the elevator on the bar.

Here is the elevator on the bar. (left), Go down the cat elevator in the nightclub bar to get to this Midtown memory location. (right)

Finally, the last memory location in Midtown is in the nightclub’s basement. You can only access the nightclub once you have solved the puzzle of where Clementine has gone after completing the factory mission. Proceed to Clementine’s flat, solve the puzzle, and head to the nightclub. You will need to sneak into the nightclub through the back window, which involves climbing up the same object as you did previously as the alleyway collectable. However, you follow the drains left rather than climbing the corrugated metal. Move your way to the window, and some robot will let you in.

Once you’re in the nightclub, you need to head to the bar. Jump on the back bar where the sink is, and you should find an object with four white rectangles holding up a pink roof and a pink floor. Stand on the pink bottom plate; you will find it is an elevator. It will bring you to the nightclub’s basement with the memory on a table in the middle of the room.

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