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Stray: Zurks Tips and Tricks

Craig Robinson

Zurks are the first major enemy you come across. They are pretty much-overgrown fleas that enjoy eating both robot folk and cats alike. So, when you come across the Zurks in many missions, you need to be extra careful when handling them. To do so, we offer some tips and tricks on handling the Zurks in Stray.

Zurks are the first major threat in Stray.

Stray: Zurks tips and tricks

You can use five techniques to fight off any Zurk in Stray with ease. Some are useful for evading Zurks, while others are more violent methods.

Using obstacles to avoid Stray’s Zurks

Stray’s Zurks are pretty thick and will follow you regardless if they can get to you or not. Naturally, this means you can lure enemies to a spot, then head to another spot and be safe from them. It is a tactic you will naturally discover you play through the likes of Dead End and Rooftops, as that level is filled with little puzzles to trick Zurks. In fact, you probably won’t be able to complete those chapters without this method.

Examples of these include climbing up to high obstacles, using girders that tip on your weight, and more. When they do get stuck and can’t get to you or find a new way to path to you, they tend to pop for some reason. It’s probably how the game saves resources by having pointless Zurks on the matter hammering away at your CPU, but the more you know.

Dodge the Zurks

Did you know a flea can jump eight times its height?

One of the simpler methods to avoid a fatal incident against Stray’s Zurks enemies is to avoid them. These critters tend to leap towards you, latching onto our ginger friends and eating away at them. The more that land on the cat, the quicker the cat gets hurt. So, to prevent that, you need to swerve away when the Zurks jump. This increases the chances that the Zurks miss their jump and have to start running again after they land. It is one method of making some distance between you and a horde of Zurks behind you.

When Zurks are coming in front and to the side of you, feel free to run diagonally to avoid any side or front-facing Zurks. They should land behind you, stop, and turn around to give chase. By the time they can do that, you’re already miles away from them when they can do that.


Gravity is your best friend in Stray since this cat can jump some incredible feats. The Zurks are capable of jumping, too, however, they can fall into big holes, whereas you cannot. You can use this mechanic to your favour tether creatively. For example, you can make Zurks jump off the edges of the buildings by making them jump to you and then fall off the buildings. Alternatively, you make them jump into bodies of water they cannot get out of.

Fun fact: You can use this tactic to make enemies on the Sewer level fall into sewer water and die. The good thing about this is that it does not hurt your chances at the Pacifist trophy either.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Complete the sewers level without killing a Zurk with the UV light.

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(Complete the Sewers level without killing a single Zurk)

Splatter kill

The first violent method you can use to take care of the Zurks is the splatter kill tip. When you’re in a red barrel, you can roll and, by proxy, use it as a bowling ball of sorts. Some levels like Rooftops have barrels you need to roll to get to obstacles and jump to new areas. However, if you manage to line Zurks up with the barrel, nothing stops you from rolling into Zurks and crushing them. It is not that practical of a method for handling them, as Zurks can get in the barrel while you’re moving it. But, if you need to use this tactic, you are at least aware of it.

UV light

Use the UV for popping those Zurks

The final method for handing Zurks in Stray is the UV Light. You will discover it during the Dead End level. You gain the ability to use UV light as part of B-12’s toolkit once you repair it for Doc. You only need to point UV at Zurks, and they will pop. If you aim it at the Zurk incubators, they will pop and spawn the Zurk. Keep it in mind if you’re already at full battery.

However, be warned the UV light has a temperature check. Use it too much in a short time, and it will overheat, putting it on a longer than needed cooldown. This can be deadly in the wrong situations. We recommend using it in small, controlled bursts to control the overheat status of the weapon. It makes it more effective, especially in areas with many enemies, such as at the end of the Dead End chapter or in the Sewers chapter.

It’s also worth mentioning that they must be close to the UV light to die. Avoid overheating by wasting your battery on overestimating the range of the UV light.


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